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Todd Manning and Carly Benson are fictional characters and former lovers on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.


After he arrives in March 2012, Todd goes to the Metro Court Hotel to rent a room, paying in cash and refusing to give a name. He meets Carly Jacks, who has been forbidden from seeing Jason in the hospital, and they bond after realizing they have this in common. Todd and Carly come up with a plan to dress in scrubs and sneak into the hospital to see Starr and Jason, respectively.

During their short meeting, Starr tells Todd that Anthony Zacchara had told her that Sonny Corinthos was responsible for shooting out his tires and causing the wreck that killed Hope and Cole, and Todd vows to take care of the situation and their relationship got reconciled.

He then finds out from Carly that Sonny is at the courthouse being arraigned. Todd goes there, and pulls a gun on Sonny, threatening to kill him. John McBain comes in however, and arrests Todd to take him back to Llanview to stand trial for his brother's murder. Todd is acquitted due to post traumatic stress and returns to Port Charles on May 9, 2012 when Starr is charged with the attempted murder of Sonny.

His ex-wife Téa Delgado arrives soon after to defend Starr, and she isn't happy to see Todd. Todd continues to befriend Carly Jacks, and rents a room at her hotel, The Metro Court. Todd overhears Sonny's girlfriend Kate Howard confiding in her lawyer, Alexis Davis, that her alternate personality may have caused the accident that killed Cole and Hope.

On June 1, 2012, Téa goes into labor in the car in the middle of a rain storm and they can't get to the hospital because there is a cell tower in the road. Todd takes Téa to a bus bench and she gives birth to a very still baby boy. Todd realizes something is wrong, so he takes the baby to find help and runs into Heather Webber, who tries to revive the baby but she tells Todd the baby is gone. Todd is devastated and doesn't know how he is going to tell Téa about the baby. Meanwhile, Sam Morgan and her baby boy arrive at the shed and she passes out. Todd hears her baby cry, and Téa comes up and thinks that the baby Todd is holding is her son, and he hands her the alive baby. Heather convinces him to switch the babies. Todd takes Téa and "her" son to the hospital. About a day or so later, he takes Téa and "her" son, whom she names Victor Lord III (but is actually Jason Morgan, Jr., later known as Danny Morgan) back to Llanview.

Todd returns to Port Charles and takes over the paper The Press and renames it The Sun, and Heather blackmails him for a job. He hires Sam as his assistant. In July, Heather is arrested and blackmails Todd into helping her. She asks him to bring her something from her purse, so he dumped the entire thing out on his desk. In doing so, he finds the real paternity test which proves that Jason Morgan, not Franco, is the true biological father of Sam's son. He takes the test to the PCPD and confronts Heather about switching the paternity tests and the babies, but Heather blackmails him into keeping both secrets, by threatening to reveal his part in the baby switch.

In October, the baby switch is revealed and Danny Morgan is returned to Sam and Jason, and Todd tries to comfort Téa.  However, he blames all of the switch on Heather Webber. After Jason is presumed dead, Todd feels bad for Sam, so he inconspicuously gave the real paternity test to Steve Webber and Olivia Falconeri. After confirming that the test was authentic, Steve delivered the news to Sam that Jason is Danny's biological father.

In late October, Todd and Carly have a romantic encounter, but Carly says that she will not have sex with him. Todd helps Carly deal with the re-appearance of Carly's ex-husband A.J. Quartermaine.

Todd is very glad when Carly and Skye come and tell him that his love's (Blair) current fiancee (Tomás Delgado) may not be Tomás, but could actually be an international arms dealer named Lorenzo Alcazar.  They go to Llanview to tell Blair and Téa. In the end, Blair, Téa, and Skye leave to go and search for Tomás when a CIA agent tells them that Tomás is on a mission.

In the New Year's episodes, Todd and Carly have sex at his Metro Court suite.

On the January 4 and 7 episodes, Johnny Zacchara (due to his reveal of killing Cole and Hope), reveals the truth about Todd's involvement of the baby switch to Police Detective Dante Falconeri and Todd's love interest Carly Jacks.  Both Johnny and Todd are arrested and put in the same jail cell. Todd tries to smother Johnny with a pillow twice, and then hears from his attorney Diane Miller that the Judge and DA want the triple murderer (Johnny) first then the "baby switcher" (Todd), so Todd is left in the jail cell. Todd is then visited by Carly.

He is subsequently sent to Ferncliff for mental testing and to see if he is able to stand trial.  After Heather Webber arranges for the workers to go on a walk-out strike, and knocking out Kevin Collins (Lucy's husband), Heather and Todd escape using Kevin's vehicle, and Lucy accompanies them. They go to Wyndemere. Todd decides that he will go over to Starr's and talk to Starr one last time. He says goodbye, and then leaves.

At his baby switchingi trial, Todd is able to get Johnny Zacchara's associate to lie in court and Heather Webber to take full blame on the stand for the baby switching.  The charges are later dismissed. He goes to see Carly at the Metro Court. Carly uses A.J. by making out with him in order to deter Todd from being with her. He is able to plant a camera inside a stuffed bunny and has it delivered to Carly's daughter Josslyn, making them believe it's from her father Jax in Australia. Todd watched Carly and A.J. and finds out that they are just acting, and not actually dating. He goes over to Carly's and reveals that he knows the truth. A.J. confesses and walks out. Todd then kisses and makes out with Carly, but Carly stops it and dumps him for good. Todd's daughter Dani then calls him distressed, and Todd leaves to return to Llanview to help her, but not before dropping Starr in LA.