Tom Baker
Don Harvey as Tom Baker
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jay Lacopo (1998)
Don Harvey (2016-17)
Duration 1998, 2016-17
First appearance 1998
Last appearance January 30, 2017
Cause/reason Seen in Alexis Davis' flashback
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Introduced by Wendy Riche (1998)
Frank Valentini (2016)
Gender Male
Died December 21, 2016
Port Charles, New York
Cause of death Stabbed to death by his own brother, Seth
Occupation Photographer
Residence 826 Oak St.[1]
Port Charles, New York
Tom Baker
Jay Lacopo as Tom Baker

Tom Baker is a fiction character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

He was first portrayed by Jay Lacopo in 1998 until the character was sent to prison. Don Harvey was cast in the role in 2016.


Tom Baker was a photographer who raped Elizabeth Webber on February 14, 1998. He blackmailed Emily Quartermaine until he was sent to prison in November of that same year.

Tom was released from prison in December 2016, and went to live with his brother, Seth, as a "reformed" man. Franco Baldwin was immediately suspicious of Tom, and protective of Elizabeth. Tom started talking with Kiki Jerome, and helped Alexis Davis after she got blackout drunk. Tom was kidnapped by Franco and locked in a dog crate, but escaped and then locked Franco in the crate. Franco escaped, but his freedom was in jeopardy when Tom was killed by being stabbed in the back, and Franco was the number one suspect.

Crimes Committed

  • Raped Elizabeth Webber [Feb 14, 1998; shown on Feb 13, 1998; revealed Oct 30, 1998]
  • Blackmailed Emily Quartermaine [Sep-Oct 1998]
  • Attacked Franco Baldwin, after being held hostage by Franco [Dec 20, 2016]
  • Grabbed and manhandled Alexis Davis and then held a knife on her and threatened to kill her if she screamed again [revealed Jan 9, 2017]
  • Stalked Elizabeth and took photographs of her without her knowledge [revealed Jan 30, 2017]

Health and Vitals

  • Attacked by Franco Baldwin with a weapon [Nov 16, 2016]
  • Attacked by Franco (slammed into a wall by his jacket and threatened to be killed if he went near Elizabeth Webber) [Nov 30, 2016]
  • Held hostage by Franco [Dec 12-20, 2016]
  • Stabbed in the back and killed by his own brother [Dec 21, 2016; revealed Jan 31, 2017]


  1. Shown November 12, 2016.
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