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Twist of Fate was a primetime episode of the ABC soap opera General Hospital. The special aired on a Saturday (December 14, 1996) at 9 PM. This was the only time GH has aired outside of its regular weekday time slot.

For the introduction of this storyline, please refer to this link: "Timoria"


Portrait of Laura Webber (1996)

This episode was a direct continuation of the Friday, December 13, 1996 episode.

When Stefan Cassadine tells Laura Webber that her mother Lesley Webber is alive, Laura goes inside the tower where Lesley is being held. Once Stefan also enters the tower, it explodes.

Laura is believed to be dead and her friends and family hold a funeral for her. Luke Spencer speaks at the ceremony and says he will get revenge on the Cassadine family. Tony Jones talks Luke down and he surrenders a gun that is hidden on himself to the commissioner Mac Scorpio. Luke goes home to get another gun and looks for Stefan at Wyndemere Castle.

Brenda Barrett gets a strange message from Jasper Jacks' first wife Miranda Jameson and Brenda sends Jax after Miranda. He finds her in Hawaii where she tells him she is in love with him. He explains that he is in love with Brenda even though his marriage to Brenda was invalid.

Laura's son, Nikolas Cassadine, kisses Katherine Bell after hearing about his mother's death. She tells him that this isn't the proper way to grieve for someone he didn't even know. While they talk, Mac comes into the room and throws Nikolas out. Katherine went after Nikolas she was worried about him.

Before he went to Laura's funeral, Sonny Corinthos got a call from GH. He was worried Brenda was hurt and hurried to her hospital room. While looking for her, he was injected with a drug that paralyzed him. The criminal who injected him dropped Sonny at his penthouse after making it look like he had been shooting up. Brenda finds Sonny and quickly takes him to the hospital.

Luke holds Stefan at gunpoint after finding him in the courtyard at Wyndemere. Luke's sister Bobbie Spencer and son Lucky Spencer convince Luke to drop his gun. He leaves angrily and Stefan fires the gun into the woods. His love, Katherine, was currently in the woods looking for him and was hit in the chest by the bullet.

Luke and Lucky meet Laura and Lesley in a van in the woods that night. The ‘twist of fate' was that Luke had made it appear that Laura and Lesley had died so Stefan wouldn't look for them. Lesley, who had been catatonic until this point, spoke Laura's name as the van drove off.