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The U.S. Consul is an American embassy located in Crete, Greece.

A leaked script revealed Valentin and Anna will meet Chloe at the consul and Valentin will require surgery.[1]


On the Greek Island of Crete (2021)

Anna and Robert interrogate Victor (2021)

On September 14, 2021, Drew helps Chloe escape from the compound prison. He encourages her to go somewhere public like a U.S. Consulate or a luxury hotel. Chloe gets away and Drew is caught by two guards.

On September 23, 2021, Anna gets a call that Chloe is at the U.S. Consul in Crete. Chloe was in and out of consciousness and had no idea but knew her name. Anna informs Valentin of this information and he realizes Chloe was Maxie’s nurse. If she is still alive, Drew may be too.

Chloe is unconscious when they arrive at the U.S. Consul. Her physician Dr. Yuan tells Valentin and Anna that Chloe had a concussion, most likely from a car accident. She was also dehydrated and disoriented and Anna suggests Chloe was held against her will.

Anna wants to interview people at the nearby village that Chloe stopped at before going to the U.S. Consul. She asks Yuan to notify her if Chloe wakes up. He agrees and she leaves with Valentin. Yuan calls Victor and tells him that Chloe just had two visitors from the WSB.

Later in the week, Valentin is abducted and held hostage at the Cassadine Compound. With Drew's help, he was able to escape, but incurred serious injury when Peter shot him in the back. Valentin is brought to the hospital at the Consul, and Victor is arrested and brought to the interrogation room. Robert and Anna both interrogate Victor, who demands full immunity from the WSB in exchange for his help in capturing Peter. Valentin is put through surgery, where a recommendation is made for him to be sent back to the US for better care.