Hello all GH Fans!! I am from Minnesota and started watching GH in 2004-5 and involved in it by 2009-11.

More About Myself

I am 22-year old male and currently going to college for an accounting degree.  I watch GH on air when I can or catch it on youtube (and now on Hulu/ since Disney is cracking down) when I miss it.  My sister was into General Hospital and One Life to Live and gotten me into it.

I enjoyed these pairings of

  • Lulu and Dante, now Nulu and Dante is weird
  • Michael and Abby - Abby was removed
  • Michael and Starr - Starr was removed and replaced by doppelganger Kiki

I don't think all this will happen, but it would be strange if everything pans out

  • Morgan marries Ava, becomes Kiki's stepfather
  • Michael marries Kiki, with Morgan being husband to stepfather/brother-in-law
  • Sam marries Silas, with Sam is Kiki's first cousin with Ava/Julian as siblings and could also be her stepmother
  • Kiki and Rafe are first cousins sharing Silas and Stephen as fathers

My favorite pages

Other pages of Interest

Involved in Jan 2013 car crash

Involved in Lulu-Dante Baby


  • OLTL Actors that have crossed-overed; with their characters licensed to PP and contracted to ABC/GH.  They have now been given new characters
  • OLTL Characters that appeared and now a part of the New OLTL reboot
    • Tea Delgado - which is good, because she was good in ABC's OLTL and decent in GH's appearances
    • Blair Cramer - which is good too
  • Other Actors/Actresses that are were good in the original ABC OLTL, but have somewhat not liked so much in reboot
    • Kelley Missal as Danielle Manning
    • Melissa Archer as Natalie Buchanan-Banks
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