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  • I live in A world of pure imagination
  • I was born on May 8
  • I am Female

Hi. I've watched GH for 3 years, since 2013. I'm 18 now and I surprisingly started watching when I was 12. If you have seen any of my posts from 2014 when I first joined, I was 13...ugh. I cringe everytime. Anyways, as my username implies, I am a fan of Robin Scorpio-Drake. Scrubs was the first ship that I liked when I started watching, and of course I stayed loyal and was ecstatic when they found their way back to each other at the end of 2015. What else should you know?

  • Unfortunately I'm not that active anymore, because now I have more responsibilities, but I try to visit as often as possible.
  • I graduated high school in June 2019.
  • I used to be a major fangirl, but I've been trying to keep it under control and stop obsessing as much. However, I STAY LOYAL TO MY FANDOMS. Scrubs will always be my #1, whether they're on the show or not.
  • I'm really shy and awkward.

Favorite couples

  • Scrubs
  • Lante
  • Jasam
  • Naxie
  • Michael+Nelle (Not 100% sure of the ship name)
  • Friz

Characters I Like (In no particular order)

  • Robin Scorpio-Drake
  • Nelle Hayes
  • Elizabeth Webber
  • Lulu Spencer-Falconeri
  • Maxie Jones
  • Amy Driscoll
  • Curtis Ashford
  • Kiki Jerome
  • Hayden Barnes
  • Andre Maddox
  • Dante Falconeri
  • Olivia Falconeri
  • Hamilton Finn
  • T.J Ashford
  • Kristina Corinthos-Davis
  • Josslyn Jacks
  • Sam Morgan
  • Jason Morgan

Characters I'm Indifferent About (Neither love nor hate)

  • Anna Devane
  • Griffin Munro
  • Nathan West
  • Jordan Ashford
  • Sonny Corinthos
  • Carly Corinthos
  • Julian Jerome
  • Alexis Davis
  • Dillon Quartermaine
  • Laura Spencer
  • Nina Reeves
  • Franco Baldwin
  • Valentin Cassadine
  • Ava Jerome

Characters I Don't Really Like

  • Liesl Obrecht

Honestly it's hard for me to HATE a character, but I cannot STAND Obrecht.

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