Hi. My name is Annaiyah and as you guys can tell i am a big GH fan. I am 24 years of age (at the time i wrote this lol) and am an aspiring actress. I hope to one day land a gig on General Hospital and then have one of these character pages made for me and my character lol!

How I started watching General Hospital

I've been watching GH since early 2012 when Starr Manning, Todd Manning, and John McBain were brought to GH from OLTL following OLTL's cancellation shortly before the crossover storyline.

I originally started watching One Life to Live in the fall of 2009 and was very upset to learn ABC would pull the plug on it in January 2012 as it was getting good. When OLTL characters started appearing on GH, I would only watch for them but as the stories were getting more and more interesting as well as the characters (and GH is ABC's last remaining soap) i started become more addicted to the whole show.

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