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About Slimey01

Slimey01 is a 14-year-old General Hospital fan. She has watched General Hospital for about two and a half years, so she knows more about the show's recent storylines than the history of the show. She created the General Hospital Wiki's one-hundreth page, Lila McCall, on November 8, 2010.


Dante: You know, just so I have the boundaries clear, if I get locked out of the apartment, with or without a towel, I'm not allowed to go and ask Brook for help?
Lulu: Mm-mmm.
Dante: Okay, then what do I do?
Lulu: You—I don't know—go on the fire escape and climb down the window.
Dante: But what if it's the wintertime or there's people out there on the street?
Lulu: You—Then, you're gonna give them a show.

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