Real name Holly
Started watching in c1990 (earliest storylines I can remember anyway)
Favorite characters Lucy Coe
Téa Delgado
Todd Manning
Lila Quartermaine
Damian Spinelli
Mary Mae Ward
Favorite actors and actresses Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)
Maurice Benard (Sonny)
Jane Elliot (Tracy)
Anthony Geary (Luke)
Roger Howarth (Franco)
Jonathan Jackson (Lucky)
Michelle Stafford (Nina)
Most memorable quotes/lines "No one ever really dies in Port Charles" -Luke
Most memorable moments/scenes Lily blows up in a car bomb as Sonny screams

About me

My real name is Holly, and I was named after Holly Sutton! I'm 36 years old and live in Texas, although I went to school in Europe for a short time and was taught by British and Irish teachers. So, if I use British spellings, please forgive me; I haven't completely broken that habit yet.

I've been watching GH all my life, and my mom's been watching since the show began. She even remembers watching the very first episode in 1963. When the General Hospital Complete Scrapbook came out in 1995, I literally read it from cover to cover and learned all the history, so I know quite a bit; and whatever I don't know, my mom probably does.

I also do a lot of research online and rewatch clips to find out more history that I either didn't know or don't remember. It's so much fun watching old clips to see how things have changed (and actors/actresses too).

I also do genealogy as a hobby. So, I naturally enjoy making family trees. I'm pretty good at knowing GH family trees and how people are related.

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