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  • ILoveRichardHarmon

    okay I've been thinking about this I dont know if anyone has think about if be more interesting if Nathan and Griffin are actually brothers

    And are you team nathan or team Griffin--ILoveRichardHarmon (talk) 20:08, August 22, 2016 (UTC)

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  • ILoveRichardHarmon


    (July 29)I have not got far about her character but I like her. Hope the actor stay. I really hope her and Griffin get together.

    The Killer at GH

    (july 29) I think it Amy the killer

    (Aug,1) this storyline getthing really old fight with people on  a diffient site about amy not the killer it Griffin oh no it jordon's bf Oh come on person I might be wrong but I really hope it Amy and she might have a partner. and Griffin how will he be a killer he to sweet be one.

    Kiki Morgan and Dillon:

    (Aug15) I so tired of this love triangle I wish Kiki hurry up make a right choice and choose Dillion.

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  • ILoveRichardHarmon

    who you rather see kiki with Dillion or Morgan

    me I don't know

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  • ILoveRichardHarmon

    Nina and kiki

    March 14, 2016 by ILoveRichardHarmon

    I have read that kiki is really Nina daughter not Ava, I hope so Nina deserve to have a kid. Nina have grown closer to Kiki.

    That also why kiki was not a match to ava back in 2015 I believe it was between March thrown May don't know. 

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  • ILoveRichardHarmon

    Griffin is a mystery guy I think he Anna and Duke son I hope I right on this 

    Read that he duke sons so wonder who is mother then

    ( this blog have to do with Dr.Griffin mystery person not everyone else so plz find a other blog that talk about your character thank youyou not trying to be rude)

    4/25/16 -  So guys I dont think Griffin is claudette i think he was her lover I think he knew nathan bc he might shot him that why Griffin have the scar

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