• Redrice

    What was in the letter Luke gave to Laura when he left town in 2015.

    Who is Nathan's real father.

    What is Rosile secret and what did her and Brad do that made the two of them get married.

    Who was watching Sam and Jason in the park when they blamed Franco.

    Who was watching Starr and Michael on the highway and who also was watching Sam in the church the same episode while she lite a candle for Jason.

    Is Caleb actually still out there When he walked out of the morgue.

    Who was the mysterious patient that Kevin was seeing that he did not want Lucy to know about.

    What happened to Jake on Cassadine island.

    Laura and Lucy recreating Deception.

    The brownstone waterfront project/ AJ Quartermaine clinic project.

    Felicia as the real mayor of Port Charles.

    Andre …

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  • Redrice

    The actress who plays Carly Laura Wright was on a episode of the Vh1 show Hit the floor.

    The actress Tamara Braun who played Carly was on an episode of 7th Heaven.

    Steven Burton who played Jason was on an episode of Who's the Boss were he hit on Alyssa Milano character who was also named Sam, if one goes to unmentionable site some comments say he liked Sam even before he met Sam and he has a mullet it is pretty funny.He was also on the movie the Last Castle and he was on the miniseries Taken.

    Kirsten Storms who plays Maxie was on the Zenon movies, Johnny Tsunami, and episode of 7th Heaven, an episode of That's so Raven and voice Bonnie on Kim Possible.

    Bradford Anderson who played Spinelli was on an episode of Castle and on an episode of NCIS:…

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  • Redrice

    When Helena sends Laura a hand written letter that says Katherine Bell can't have children.

    When Katherine Bell asks Liz if the food is good then Emily laughs and Katherine says what so funny and Emily say would' t be funny if Liz said no all this free food Nikolas family has sucks.

    The vampire saga

    That stupid black wig Ava wore.

    When Joss kicks Franco.

    Spencer hiding at Carly's house.

    Joss' s obsession with corn.

    Spencer phantom of the opera stunt at the Nurse's Ball.

    Spencer at the Metro Court.

    When Diane bursts into Alexis' s house and says how dare you get married and how it degrading to women then says just kidding.

    When Lulu, Maxie, and Rebecca sing the song Don't you at Jake's.

    When Luke was in Puerto Rico with Sonny and on the phone with Lau…

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  • Redrice

    Funny GH moments part 4

    January 29, 2016 by Redrice

    When Patrick and Sam find out that Alexis and Julian are getting it on.

    When Sabrina dresses up as a grape for Halloween

    When Spinelli was in trouble with the F.B.I. and Jason told Maxie to stay behind.

    When Sam and Jason come down stairs making out to find Maxie, Spinelli, Kristina, Molly, Robin, and Patrick planning Spixie' s wedding.

    On one of the 4th of July episodes where Alexis keeping eating French fries when talking to T.J. about Molly.

    When Spinelli wakes up in bed next to Maxie.

    When Brenda and Jason get married.

    When Alexis and Diane get kicked off a plane and wined up in a bar and get into a bar fight with locals.

    When they play strip pole at Jake's.

    When Jake sprays silly string at his babysitter.

    When Maxie keeps on losing Jasam engage…

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  • Redrice

    Funny GH moments part 3

    January 3, 2016 by Redrice

    When AJ tells Michael he slept with his mom and Michael splits his drink out.

    When Michael tell AJ that he slept with Brenda and AJ splits out his drink then he gets a look on his face like man I tried to hook up with Brenda for years and my son did it I'm so proud.

    The Christmas episode were Spinelli was the jingle Jackel and Maxie and him gave Christmas presents to Robin, Lulu, Monica and gave a Hanukkah present to Bernie.

    Any time Nina kicked that wheelchair.

    Anytime Monica says this is my house Alan gave it to me.

    When Monica realises the painting Lesley gave her was painted by Heather Webber.

    When Lucy gives birth to Serena.

    When Tracy and Monica eat pickle Lilia and they see the ghost of Emily Alan and Rick Webber after the there gone Monic…

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