When Matt got drunk on the party boat and sang were on a boat were on a boat and other thing.

Edward Thanksgiving nightmare were Jax and Sonny are best friends AJ is the president of United States and Kessha his first Lady,Sonny is Edward's illegitimate son, Ned is all about peace, Lila goes to the Dominican Republic to get a divorced after hearing that Edward has another illegitimate son, Everyone's cool with Jason performing heart surgery on Edward and he asks Sonny what do I think when Alan asks him if he like to perform Edward's surgery.

The Q Thanksgiving were Tracy sends robber to the house.

The Q Thanksgiving were Lucy comes barging into there living room ask if they seen her duck and freaks out when she finds out there thanksgiving meal consists of duck.

The Q Thanksgiving were they get in a food fight

The Q Thanksgiving were Jason is so tick by what's Franco did on his honeymoon with Sam and Tracy's rudeness that as soon as Edward starts sing the thanksgiving song he flips a table.

When Lucy think Mcbain a vampire

When Lucy, Heather, and Todd escape Ferncliff.

During the nurse's ball when Katherine Bell and Lucy would get into a fight that caused her to end up in her underwear.

When everyone mad a Robert in 2006 just because he is alive and lied about being alive.

When Robin first met Patrick

When Anna tied Robert to a bed

How Lucky was a math genius in High school then as an adult he couldn't do his taxes.

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