When Helena sends Laura a hand written letter that says Katherine Bell can't have children.

When Katherine Bell asks Liz if the food is good then Emily laughs and Katherine says what so funny and Emily say would' t be funny if Liz said no all this free food Nikolas family has sucks.

The vampire saga

That stupid black wig Ava wore.

When Joss kicks Franco.

Spencer hiding at Carly's house.

Joss' s obsession with corn.

Spencer phantom of the opera stunt at the Nurse's Ball.

Spencer at the Metro Court.

When Diane bursts into Alexis' s house and says how dare you get married and how it degrading to women then says just kidding.

When Lulu, Maxie, and Rebecca sing the song Don't you at Jake's.

When Luke was in Puerto Rico with Sonny and on the phone with Laura while some girl wanted Luke and he was trying to stop her from getting into his room and he yelled I love you Laura.

When Diane was drunk and barged into on Kristina' s going away party.

Casey the alien.

When Spinelli pops out of the dumpster.

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