Holly and Luke being Ethan parents the timeline makes no sense. I like Ethan but him being there kid is a horrible rewrite to the shows history.

Holly being a terrorist during the monkey virus.

Franco not doing all the evil deeds I watched the Franco saga he evil.

Franco being Scott and Heather son they were not in a relationship till after Jason was born him being actually being Alan and Susan kid made more sense but that was a bad retcon to and the fix it with another bad retcon.

Rick Webber being a evil rapist I know he had an affair with Monica that was really the worst thing he did on the show until they brought him back in 2002 then had Laura think that she killed him but it was really Scott.

Claudia being Johnny mom what was she 12 when she had him Johnny remembers them watch movies together before she was sent away by Anthony and she said she was a teenagers when she was sent away and why would Maria take a bullet and die was Johnny if he wasn't her son but her stepdaughter son.

Kate DID and how it came about so when did she have that strange relationship with Ric dad Trevor now and Joe Sully never had a son until that story.

Kate and Olivia existing Brenda was always thought to be Sonny's first love then they make it that no Kate is but before her he got her cousin Olivia pregnant but didn't know he was the dad because she never told him and was to busy with Connie.

Sabrina having a who's the daddy story I saw the live show she and Carlos never slept together I don't care what flashback the writers give it never happened and how did Michael not know she was pregnant for all those months. Just because an actress is pregnant doesn't mean the character has to be.

Luke killing hitting his mother on the head with a bat my mistake which killed her and then him killing his dad which caused the Fluke personally. Tony Geary who plays Luke admitted that Fluke and Luke were originally to different people. Fluke being Luke the who time.

Paul being made a good guy I saw him shoot Sloan to keep him quiet about Carlos. I saw him help Carlos skip town. I heard him tell Ava he shot Sonny. Making him a good guy is just dumb.

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