Valentin Cassadine and
Nina Reeves
James Patrick Stuart and Cynthia Watros as
Valentin Cassadine and Nina Reeves
General Hospital
Couple nickname Valentina
Marriage/relationship dates 2016 (lovers)
Dec 31, 2016 - Oct 2, 2018 (married)
Dec 19, 2018 - Present (lovers)
Status Engaged; Lovers
Age at wedding or meeting Valentin (60)
Nina (46)
Gender Male, Female
Couple residence Wyndemere Castle
Spoon Island
Port Charles, New York

Valentin Cassadine and Nina Reeves are fictional characters and a fictional couple on soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Valentin was originated by actor James Patrick Stuart on July 11, 2016.

The role of Nina was originated by veteran soap actress, Michelle Stafford on May 1, 2014. Stafford departed the series on June 12, 2019 when she was rehired at Y&R and the role was recast with Cynthia Watros who made her first appearance on June 17, 2019.



Valentin is the previously unknown and unseen son of the late Prince Mikkos Cassadine and an unknown mistress. He is the father of Charlotte Cassadine[3] with Lulu Spencer-Falconeri,[4] who was born via surrogate.


Nina is the daughter of the late, Mr. Reeves and his widow, the late socialite, Madeline Reeves. On August 20, 2018, it was revealed that Nina's baby with Silas wasn't miscarried and that she gave birth to a girl and that Nina's mother Madeline put her up for adoption. This means Nina is the mother of a girl in her mid 20s.

As of October 2018, they are divorced.



Stuart and Stafford as
Valentin and Nina

Valentin and Nina met at the Metro Court Hotel on August 2, 2016, with him using the alias Theo Hart. They talk for awhile and then sleep together.

After finding out Theo is Valentin Cassadine, she turns into the cops.

Nina has threatened Valentin twice with a divorce and the second time around she is very serious.

Wedding videos

Valentin and Nina were married on December 29, 2016 (New Years Eve on the show).

Valentin Cassadine 12-29-16 (Part 1)-0

Valentin Cassadine 12-29-16 (Part 1)-0

Valentin Cassadine 12-29-16 (Part 2)

Valentin Cassadine 12-29-16 (Part 2)

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  1. Madeline put Nina in a coma because her husband left all of the money in his will to Nina. Which would mean he's dead as Nina inherited the money.
  2. On August 28, 2018, Nina received a call from Pentonville that revealed Madeline was dead …
  3. Revealed on November 9, 2016 ...
  4. On December 9, 2016, Valentin confirmed that Lulu is Charlotte's mother and on December 12, 2016 he explains how Helena orchestrated the whole thing.
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