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Dr. Victor Cassadine was a fictional character and former antagonist on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is most notably known for being the brother of the late Mikkos Cassadine and the late Tony Cassadine.

The role was originated by actor Thaao Penghlis in the summer of 1981. Penghlis reprised the role on and off from January 31 to September 16, 2014 when the character was supposedly killed off.

In 2021, the role was recast and resurrected with actor Charles Shaughnessy, who made his first appearance on September 2, 2021. Shaughnessy previously appeared on GH as Alistair Durban in 1984.

Although Victor was killed off on May 8, 2023, Shaughnessy made his final appearance on May 31, 2023.


Soap vet Thaao Penghlis joined the cast of GH in the summer of 1981 for the iconic Ice Princess storyline. His character was sent to prison and later presumed dead.

On December 9, 2013, it was announced that Penghlis would be returning to GH in the early new year.[1][2] He returned on January 31, 2014. He was only on the show for a couple of months, he left on March 4, 2014.

On March 24, 2014, Penghlis revealed on Twitter that he will return to GH again by saying "I just was asked back on GH on the 31st. So happy to announce. Oh what disturbances & romance will be taking place. Hullo Spencer."[3][4] He returned for only one episode on May 1, 2014.

On June 15, 2014, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Penghlis would make another return to GH as Victor Cassadine.[5] He returned from August 7 to August 12, 2014.

Penghlis returned again from September 3 to September 16, 2014 when his character was supposedly killed off.[6]

On August 5, 2021, Soap Opera Digest reported that actor Charles Shaughnessy, who previously appeared on GH as Alistair Durban in 1984, will return to the series in a contract role in September.[7] Although his role was being kept under wraps, rumors suggested that he was set to play a recast of Victor Cassadine.

He made his first appearance on September 2, 2021, as the new Victor Cassadine.[8][9]

On September 7, 2021, Shaughnessy revealed that he'll be playing Victor for at least six months.[10]

On February 22, 2022, Shaughnessy had hip replacement surgery.[11] He made his last appearance for the time being on April 7, 2022 to recover from his surgery.

On May 5, 2022, Shaughnessy tweeted that he is back at work.[12] Shaughnessy returned as Victor on May 26, 2022.

Shaughnessy was on contract from September 2, 2021 through March 31, 2023, after which he was bumped to recurring status until his exit on May 8, 2023.[13]

On April 9, 2023, Shaughnessy confirmed on Twitter that he is leaving GH.[14] He made his final appearance on May 8, 2023 when his character was killed off.

On May 25, 2023, it was revealed that Shaughnessy will make one more appearance as Victor during the week of May 29.[15] Shaughnessy returned for two episodes from May 30 to May 31, 2023.


Victor Cassadine is one of the three Cassadine brothers who conspired to freeze the world with the Ice Princess diamond. Unlike his brothers, Mikkos and Tony Cassadine, Victor was sent to prison but was presumed dead.

In 2014, Victor was revealed to be alive and was secretly appointed as the new Director of the W.S.B. - a position he used to manipulate Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake into helping him revive Stavros and Helena Cassadine by promising to let her revive her presumed dead friend, Jason Morgan (but in reality, Robin was really reviving Jason's identical twin brother, Andrew Cain). Victor's also very cunning and dangerous, because once Robin revived "Jason" (Drew), Victor double-crossed her and had his men hold her captive while he planned to tap into "Jason's" potential.

Victor also used his position as the W.S.B. Director to set Dr. Liesl Obrecht free and help her become the Chief of Staff at GH. It was also revealed that Victor and Liesl used to be together in the past and he's still in love with her.

In September 2014, it was revealed that Victor had tasked Peter Harrell, Jr. to steal Felicia Scorpio's Aztec Jewels. He had kidnapped Lulu Spencer, her then-husband, Detective Dante Falconeri, Maxie Jones and Detective Nathan West and held them hostage at the Crichton-Clark Clinic.

When Victor learned that Nathan was Liesl's son, he began to wonder if he was Nathan's father. Liesl initially confirmed that Victor is Nathan's father, but when the DNA test came back, Victor was confused and upset that the DNA wasn't a match. When Anna Devane showed up and arrested Victor, Liesl aimed her gun at Anna but instead she shot Victor in the chest at point blank range. Once they were alone, Liesl revealed to Victor that Nathan needed to believe that Victor was his father because the truth was far, far worse. Victor activated the self-destruct sequence in Crichton-Clark and presumably died in the explosion and from his gunshot wound.

In 2021, Victor was revealed to be alive and was the mysterious boss holding Drew Cain captive in a prison cell in his compound in Crete, Greece. It was also revealed that Victor was working with Cesar Faison's son, Peter August, but he knew that Peter was dangerous and was on the verge of double-crossing him.

Victor had also ordered his men to kidnap Liesl and bring her to his compound while tossing her boyfriend, Scott Baldwin out of a plane with a parachute.

On October 7, 2021, it was revealed that Victor is Valentin Cassadine's father, making Valentin (and by extension, Valentin's daughter, Charlotte) a true Cassadine after all. Victor had an affair with Mikkos' wife, Helena after she found out that Mikkos had cheated on her, which resulted in both of them having Valentin. He has proven to genuinely love and care for his granddaughter, Charlotte.


In 1981, Victor came to town along with brothers Mikkos and Tony, and was a part of their plan to steal the Ice Princess diamond and use it to power a weather machine that would allow them to control the world. Victor had a brief romantic relationship with actress Tiffany Hill. After their plot is foiled by Luke Spencer, Victor is sent to prison and later presumed dead.


Victor returns

In 2014, Victor showed up at Robin Scorpio-Drake's doorstep at the end of January and reveals to Robin that he is the new director of the WSB and was responsible for Liesl Obrecht's Chief of Staff position at General Hospital. He goes on to tell Robin that he would like her to bring back to life, his sister-in-law, Helena Cassadine and nephew Stavros Cassadine, whose bodies were being preserved in the Cassadines cryogenic lab. Robin refuses to help him, so to give her some incentive, Victor tells her that her friend, Jason Morgan is still alive, but also in cryogenic stasis and if she helps Helena and Stavros, she can help Jason too. Unbeknownst to Robin, however, Jason had actually been switched with his identical twin brother, Andrew Cain, so it was Drew who Robin would be helping.


Victor and Robin

Victor then goes to Wyndemere to catch up with his great-nephew, Nikolas Cassadine. At Wyndemere he meets Nikolas' girlfriend, Britt Westbourne, and it's revealed that Victor has a past with Britt's mother, Liesl. He also meets Nikolas's son, Spencer, and gives him a Cassadine family heir loom. Victor ran into Heather Webber, who was passing herself off as one of Nikolas' servants. The next day, Victor met Robin when she was alone and showed her proof that Jason was alive. Spencer saw him at Robin's and confronted him about it. Victor managed to convince Spencer to keep quiet about what he saw, and then went to the park with Nikolas, Britt, "her" son Ben, and Spencer. While reading the paper, Victor recognized Heather and went to talk to Nikolas when he ran into Robin, and she told him that she would help him, so she could help Jason.


Victor and Liesl

On Valentine's day, Victor showed up at Liesl's place and she managed to convince him to get information for her on Cesar Faison's whereabouts. Victor showed up at the hospital with the WSB's file on Faison. He asked Liesl to come with him, but she refused not wanting to leave her job and daughter. Victor was disappointed, but gave her the file anyway and she gave him a kiss good-bye.

On March 4, Victor and Robin traveled to an unknown clinic in New York City. Robin demanded to see Jason, so Victor opened a room and allowed Robin to see the person who was frozen in cryogenic suspension.

On May 1, Victor returned to Port Charles with a message for Patrick from Robin. He later talked to Liesl and returned the stolen embryo to Dante and Lulu.

On August 7, it was revealed that Victor was the one who put Rafe Kovich, Jr. up to running Patrick's car off the road, which resulted in the death of Patrick and Sabrina Santiago's son, Gabriel Drake Santiago. On August 11, Robin told Victor that she had a breakthrough. She wanted to test the medicine on Stavros and Helena, but Victor had her restrained and he injected the medicine into "Jason" (Drew). At first it appeared "Jason" would die, but Robin managed to revive him. Victor then told Robin he didn't need her anymore and planned to "tap into Jason's potential". He then had his goons take Robin away while he stayed with "Jason".


Victor meets Nathan West

On September 3, Victor was revealed or be working with Peter Harrell, Jr., to steal the Aztec treasure. Victor knew Detective Nathan West was around and lured him out by threatening to shoot Maxie Jones. Nathan came out, but surrendered his gun as he was outnumbered by Victor and his men. Victor was ready to shoot Nathan when Nathan asked to know Victor's name. Once Nathan knew who Victor was he realized he was connected to Nikolas and mentioned that Nikolas was engaged to his sister. Victor realized Nathan was Liesl's son, and asked if Cesar Faison was his father. Nathan said he was raised by Liesl's sister and Victor realized Nathan couldn't be Cesar's since Liesl would never give up Cesar's son. He asked Nathan if he knew who his father was, and Nathan said he didn't. Victor decided not to shoot Nathan, presumably because he thinks he could be Nathan's father.


Liesl tells Victor that he is Nathan's father

On September 8, Victor takes a blood sample from Nathan, before locking him up with Maxie. As he sat in his office, looking at the blood sample, he got a call from Liesl, asking for help finding Nathan. Victor asked Liesl if Nathan is his son, which Liesl denies. Victor tells Liesl that if he finds out she kept his son from him, there will be a reckoning for her. On September 9, Victor gave his employee a sample of his blood and asked her to compare it to Nathan's. Peter came in and asked Victor when he can exact his revenge. Victor told him that his revenge would have to wait, and revealed that he had revived Stavros and planned to let him have Lulu.

On September 12, Stavros barges into Victor's office to vent about Lulu not wanting him. Victor eventually loses his patience with Stavros and tells him to go get some rest. After Stavros leaves, one of Victor's men tells him Liesl is here to see him. Victor allows her to come into his office. Liesl demands to see Nathan and Victor tells her to wait for the DNA test. Liesl tells Victor that Nathan is his son, and Victor wonders why Liesl didn't tell him. Liesl says it was because of Cesar Faison. Victor rages that Liesl kept his son from him because of that "imbecile". Liesl snaps at Victor and he grabs her in anger. Nathan bursts through the door and holds Victor at gunpoint. Nathan demands that Victor tell him what he did with Maxie or he will kill him. Victor calmly retorts that Nathan won't kill his father.

Victor C dying

Victor "dies" soon after being shot

Nathan is stunned and in disbelief, but Liesl says it is true. Victor wants to bond with Nathan, but is hurt when Nathan calls him a psycho. Nathan tells Victor to prove he cares about him, and Victor tells him he thinks Maxie is with Peter Harrell. After Nathan leaves, The DNA test arrives and says Nathan and Victor are not a match. Victor pulls a gun on Liesl in anger and Anna bursts in with her gun raised. Liesl distracts Victor and Anna shoots him in the hand. As Anna is arresting Victor, Liesl picks up the gun and points it at Anna. At the last moment, she pointed the gun at Victor and shot him in the chest. Liesl was remorseful for shooting Victor, but said she had to do it to protect her son. She didn't want anyone to know that Victor wasn't Nathan's father, because the truth was far worse. Victor supposedly dies before setting off a self-destruct bomb in the clinic.

On August 31, 2021, Liesl Obrecht and Scott Baldwin were on a private plane heading to St. Lucia for a medical conference. The plane hit a bunch of turbulence before Liesl noticed that the plane was turning around. Oxygen masks fell out and Liesl wanted to help the pilot since she believed that there was something wrong with him but Scott wanted her to sit down and put on the oxygen mask. They both put their masks on but instead of breathing in oxygen, they were breathing in chloroform before they lost consciousness. Two men strapped a parachute onto Scott and tossed him out of the plane under orders of their boss while Liesl was taken to an unknown location.


Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) reveals himself to be alive (2021)

On September 2, Liesl woke up in a room wearing blue silk pajamas. She looked around and tried to open the door but it was locked. The door opened when a couple men brought her some food and she seemed to be grateful before she picked up the knife and threatened to cut them like a mackerel. They took the knife from her and left the room before she turned around and saw the man who was holding her hostage. She was stunned to see that her captor was not Peter August - it was Victor Cassadine, alive and well. Victor greeted her and quoted Mark Twain by saying "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Liesl didn't understand how Victor could be alive since he was in Crichton-Clark when it blew up in 2014 and he reminded her that she also shot him. Liesl said that she was thinking about her son and Victor said that he didn't understand how she thought "killing" him and choosing Faison was the lesser of two evils before he offered his condolences over Nathan's death in 2018. Liesl wondered what Victor wanted from her. He revealed that he wants her companionship as usual. He revealed that he's been monitoring her and was alarmed to see how close she was getting to Scott. Victor claimed that he couldn't bear to lose her to another man. She thought that he should deal with the reality of her relationship with Scott. Victor wouldn't accept it and suggested that she forget about the lawyer. Victor told her to enjoy her stay and locked the door as he left. She screamed that she will find a way to escape and get back to Scott.

On September 24, Victor cheerfully entered Liesl's room and greeted her. She, however, was not nearly as jolly. Liesl said that it had been days since she'd seen anyone and claimed that her confinement was making her go "stir crazy." Victor explained that he had ordered his staff not to fraternize with Liesl because he feared that she would charm them into helping her escape. Liesl told Victor that he had made his point - he could get to her anytime he wanted to. She asked that she be allowed to return home because her daughter needed her.

Victor said that he knew of Britt's Huntington's Disease diagnosis and asked Liesl if she hadn't found it odd that she had been invited to a medical conference about inherited diseases seemingly out of the blue. In that moment, Liesl realized that the symposium had never existed. Victor smiled confidently as he told Liesl that he had warned Peter of the trap that Liesl had set for him. Liesl became enraged and warned Victor that he would regret partnering with Peter. She said she would hold Victor responsible if anything were to happen to Nina Reeves, Maxie Jones, James West or Britt.

Victor claimed he was aware of the hazards of associating with Peter, musing that he felt the name "Henrik" fit more than the name "Peter." Victor urged Liesl to put her pride aside so that they could help each other. "Collaborate with me on a certain research project, and I guarantee you'll have contact with your daughter," Victor told her. If she refused, Victor made it clear that Liesl would remain far away from her "last surviving child."

Liesl turned and walked away from Victor, and she reluctantly agreed to take him at his word. Victor walked up behind Liesl and put his hands on her shoulder. He told her that the worst was over. Liesl suddenly turned around and held a knife to Victor's throat.

Victor wondered if she really wanted to play it that way and he suggested they "review the situation." Liesl insisted that the knife was her only strategy and she had learned what was important in life after her son's death. She vowed to kill Victor in order to get back to Britt.

Victor declared that he had seen Liesl in a new light and he appreciated her. He was sorry that they would have to do things the hard way though. Liesl felt a gun held to her back, and, turning around, she saw Peter holding her at gunpoint. Liesl was sorry that Peter wasn't dead, but he revealed that he had burned down the bar in Nixon Falls. He doubted that Nina Reeves was still alive and he thought it was time to tie up loose ends.

Victor stood between Peter and Liesl and he and Peter had words. Victor made it clear that he was calling the shots. Liesl only wanted to kill Peter and she told Victor that he could take whatever he wanted from her. Victor replied that he didn't trust Liesl and he had already made arrangements with Peter. Liesl thought that Victor was a bigger imbecile that she had thought because Peter would only double-cross him. Victor had his guards take Liesl down to the prison level in his compound.

On September 28, it was revealed that Victor was the mysterious boss who was holding Drew Cain captive in the prison level of his compound.

On October 5, it was revealed that Victor had Valentin Cassadine kidnapped and is holding him captive with Drew in Drew's cell. Victor had set Peter up with accommodations on his compound and it was revealed that Victor wanted Peter to give him the means to access Drew's conditioning in order to control him. Victor knew that Peter was stalling and wondered why he was putting up with him, but Peter convinced Victor to help him find his daughter and to get Maxie Jones back in return for the key to controlling Drew.

Later on, Victor had Valentin brought up to the lavish room and Valentin wasn't surprised to see Victor alive since Drew filled him in. Victor revealed that he wants Valentin's help to stop Peter since he knew that Peter was already going to double-cross him. Victor had Valentin's cuffs taken off and held him in the lavish room.

On October 7, Victor came to see Valentin and they talked more about Peter. Eventually, Victor revealed to Valentin that he's his father, making Valentin and his daughter, Charlotte true Cassadines after all. Valentin didn't believe him but Victor told him the story about how he comforted Helena Cassadine after she found out his brother, Mikkos had been cheating on her. Victor revealed that him comforting her led to them sleeping together which resulted in them having Valentin.

On October 15, Victor confronted Peter down in the prison level of the compound and was furious that Peter withheld the key to Drew's conditioning from him, he sent Drew to try to kill Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio without his permission and he's been keeping things from him. Two of Victor's guards showed up and Victor ordered them to kill Peter, who acted like he was pleading for his life before he revealed that he bought off Victor's guards. Victor's head guard, Russel also betrayed Victor since Peter bought him off and Peter had his new guards take Victor to the lavish room where Valentin was still being held.

Once they got there, Valentin wondered what was going on and Victor said it was a funny story. Peter told Valentin that Victor's no longer his captor - he is. Peter later ordered Russel to hold both Valentin and Victor at gunpoint and ordered him to kill them if either one of them moved. Russel followed Peter's orders and Valentin tried to bribe him with money. Victor told Russel to take the deal since Valentin has the money. Valentin wondered if Victor was spying on him but Victor said he'd prefer to think of it as taking a fatherly interest. Russel said that if he had the actual cash then he'd be tempted but he doesn't.

All of a sudden, Drew entered the room with a gun and shot Russel in the leg, which gave Victor the opportunity to escape as Drew and Valentin went to disarm Russel. As Victor was looking to find a way out, a door opened and he saw Detective Dante Falconeri with a gun and saw his great-niece, Sam McCall with Dante, who aimed his gun at Victor. Victor told them what Peter's up to and that they should get out of the compound. Dante said that they wanted to talk to Peter too and Victor was going to lead them to him since he's been working with Peter. Victor admitted that he was working with Peter up until Peter betrayed him and Dante sarcastically said that his heart breaks for him and that it must be frustrating getting played like that. Victor reminded them that Peter's out of his mind and that they should be going, but Sam wanted to know where Drew was being held.

Victor told Sam and Dante that he could take them to Drew's cell but he's not sure if Drew's still being held down there or if he's gone with Peter. Sam said that Drew would never go anywhere with Peter but Victor revealed that Drew doesn't have a choice. Victor gave them directions to get down to the prison level of the compound but Dante ordered Victor to take them down there. Once Victor led them down to the prison level, they went to Liesl's cell first since Victor was worried about her. Sam said that Liesl was like a cat with nine lives but has ten before she later went to find Drew's cell as Dante found a syringe which gave him the impression that she didn't leave her cell on her own free will. When Victor and Dante noticed that Sam went to find Drew's cell, they followed her and Dante and Sam planned to lock Victor in the cell, but Victor convinced them to let him come with them.

Later on, Dante and Sam arrested Victor and brought him back to the Tavern in Panapolis. Victor learned from Anna and Robert that Valentin had been shot in the back and was air-lifted to the U.S. Consul. Robert later informed Sam and Dante that Peter had shot Drew in the chest three times and Drew fell off the bridge into the water. Robert had W.S.B. agents searching for Drew and Sam was upset that Drew was missing again. Dante consoled Sam by saying that Drew's been proven to be pretty hard to kill and they haven't found a body. Meanwhile, Victor wondered how Valentin was doing and revealed to Robert and Anna that he's Valentin's father. After telling them the story of how he's Valentin's father, Robert was disgusted and told Victor to forgive him if he threw up in his mouth. Victor wanted to know how Valentin was doing and wanted to go to the U.S. Consul to check on him. Although everyone refused to let him go, Anna went ahead and made a call to check up on him.

Later on, Robert went up to Victor and vowed that he's going to pay for what he's done.

On October 22, Robert went into an interrogation room where Victor was being held and he went over everything that Victor's done. Victor was confident and he wanted Robert to find a way to negotiate a deal with the W.S.B. on his behalf. Robert refused so Victor said that he could either throw the book at him or catch Peter but he can't do both.

Later on, Anna came in and Victor wanted to know how Valentin's doing. After Anna updated Victor on Valentin's condition, Robert left the interrogation room. Victor told Anna that he wanted blanket immunity for his "transgressions" in return for his cooperation in catching Peter. Anna said that Victor's fate doesn't lie in her hands and Victor said that although that may be true, he wanted her to make his case or else any more blood that Peter spilled would be on her hands.

Some time after Anna left, Robert came back and told Victor that Anna's not going to help him. Victor remained confident about getting a deal from the W.S.B. and told Robert to get him some more water, plus he added that he preferred his water to be sparkling.

On October 29, Nikolas Cassadine revealed to his then-wife, Ava Jerome that Victor was the one who found him, pulled him out of the water and helped him recover after Valentin had shot him back in 2016. Nikolas also revealed to Ava that Victor helped him fake his death and in return, he gave Victor the compound in Crete, Greece but he had no idea that Victor was working with Peter.

On November 4, it was revealed that Victor had been extradited to Port Charles. Victor came to see Valentin in his hospital room while he was being guarded by cops from the P.C.P.D.. Valentin told Victor that if he wanted to cut a deal with the W.S.B. then he'll need to help them find Peter and bring him to justice. Victor said that Peter's whereabouts were his only leverage and Anna said that Victor should cooperate for Valentin's sake. Victor swore that he didn't lie about being Valentin's father which makes Valentin a Cassadine and he's due all the benefits and curses that come with being a Cassadine.

Valentin reminded Victor that Peter tried to kill him and he doesn't like Victor much either. He told Victor to save himself from Peter's wrath and to help them make sure Peter gets captured. Victor said he would love nothing more than to see Peter caught but he said that there are other things he wants and he can't accomplish them from behind bars. After Victor said he couldn't help them because he must think of the bigger picture, Anna had Victor taken out.

On November 15, Victor was seen in a cell at the P.C.P.D. and Scott came to see him. Scott wanted his help to find Liesl and they argued over the private plane being hijacked and they argued over their feelings for Liesl. Scott told Victor that he'll need him if he wants to get out of that cell. Robert later came by and tried to get rid of Scott, but Victor said that Scott was his attorney. Scott threatened to give a press conference to announce how the W.S.B. messed up with Peter and that Victor knows plenty of dirt on the organization from his time as their director. Victor told Robert that if he wanted to get Peter then he needed to get him released. Once Robert left, Officer Wright opened the cell for Victor and he locked Scott in. Scott furiously yelled that they had a deal as Victor walked out of the P.C.P.D., took off his blue P.C.P.D. button-up shirt and threw it down.

On Thanksgiving Day (shown on December 1), Victor went to see Alexis Davis at her house. When she opened the door, she was shocked to see Victor alive and well. Victor greeted her by saying, "Hello Natasha" and he went inside. Victor saw Valentin, Nikolas, Ava, Esme Prince and Spencer Cassadine, who was happy to see Victor alive and well. After Victor and Spencer hugged, Victor told Alexis that he was surprised to see that she and Valentin became so close that they could share a holiday together. Alexis said that she was surprised that Valentin and Victor were close and Valentin said, "We're not. He's just my father." which shocked everyone in the room.

On January 21, 2022, Victor crashes Luke Spencer's memorial service at The Haunted Star with a henchman named Johann. Laura Collins tells them to leave and Victor explains that Luke may be dead but he has a long list of enemies who are very much alive.

Anna Devane tells Victor to leave and Felicia Scorpio threatens to call Mac Scorpio. Curtis Ashford and Spencer Cassadine try to reason with Victor. Spencer tells Victor that a gentleman shouldn't stay when he is asked to leave and Victor agrees and goes with Johann.

Dante Falconeri finds a big screen TV and wonders who was trying to send a message. Anna mentions that she and Felicia heard a crash and found a flash drive with a message that says "Play me" (presumably left by Johann). The flash drive contains a video of Helena Cassadine gloating about Luke being dead. Laura turns off the video when she has heard enough.

Later on, Victor and Johann walk into Charlie's Pub and find Scott Baldwin, Sonny Corinthos, and Robert Scorpio. He insults Scott and Luke which makes Scott and Sonny mad enough to team up in a fight against Victor and Johann. Phyllis Caulfield pulls Sonny away as she is furious that the men made a mess of her place.

Phyllis wants to know who will pay for the damages. Everyone argues until Robert says they have a memorial to attend and they leave. Victor praises Johann for the fight. He says the hours at the gym are paying off and Johann has a nice fat bonus coming.

Victor and Johann help Phyllis straighten up the tables that were knocked over. Victor asks for a bottle of top-shelf brandy and gives Phyllis a generous tip. Victor mentions to himself that the people of Port Charles are in for a big surprise.

On January 26, Johann interrupts Victor as he is talking to a nurse at GH. Johann asks for an extra blanket for his aunt as she has been asking for one for some time. He thinks the request got lost in the shift change. The nurse apologizes and goes with Johann while leaving Victor alone to check Maxie's records which the nurse just pulled up on the computer.

On January 28, Victor watches as Johann comes up behind Valentin and chloroforms him in the hospital parking garage before putting his unconscious body in the back of Victor's car.

On February 3, Victor calls Johann and tells his henchman to let him know when the package arrives. Later Johann tells Victor the package (spike strips) has arrived. Meanwhile, Peter's prison transport van has all four tires punctured on its way to Pentonville Penitentiary.

On February 8, Peter met with Victor on Pier 55 and Victor demanded the key to controlling Drew. Peter supposedly gave Victor the key before he wanted Victor to hold up his end of their deal, but Victor planned to have Peter killed. However, Peter revealed that he kidnapped his granddaughter, Charlotte. Victor grew angry and demanded for Charlotte to be brought back unharmed. When Peter refused to give in, Victor grabbed a gun from Johann, aimed it at Peter and threatened to make him beg to tell him where Charlotte was if he didn't tell him. Peter knew that Victor's family was his weakness and called him predictable but he hypothetically told Victor that Charlotte was in a warehouse rigged by a "security measure". When Victor was forced to let Peter go, Peter gave Victor a general vicinity of Charlotte's location before Victor and Johann went to rescue Charlotte.

Victor later brought Charlotte to the hospital after rescuing her which relieved everyone, especially Valentin but they were all suspicious as to how Victor knew exactly where to find her.

On February 15, Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt showed up at Victor's suite at the Metro Court and threatened him with a needle over Maxie and Peter's whereabouts before Liesl showed up and aimed a gun at him. Once she got Austin to leave, Victor thanked her for saving him and asked how he could repay her. Liesl wanted help finding Maxie and Victor asked what was in it for him. Liesl said that if he helps her then they could watch Peter suffer together. Victor liked the idea and when he tried to kiss her, she dodged his attempt and left. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Austin and Liesl had teamed up in order to plant a bug on Victor so they could find Maxie and Peter.

On February 22, Sam shows Laura and Robert a picture of Victor meeting with a henchman. Laura remembers Victor introducing the henchman as Johann during Luke's memorial on the Haunted Star. Robert says he will look for more information on Johann.

Later, Robert says that a contract identified the man as Johann Bauer. Johann was last located in Innsbruck, Austria around Christmas. Laura says that is the same area where Luke died and she suspects Victor was behind his death.

On March 24, Victor and Johann meet in the open as Victor believes they should act like they've done nothing wrong (referring to Victor showing Drew a tarot card to hypnotize him). Victor thinks Drew doesn't remember Operation Demeter. Johann says that Victor had to kill Luke who was getting too close to the truth about what Victor was planning. He will do anything for the cause but he won't be Victor's fall guy. Victor says not to worry as he has someone else in mind. Ava interrupts them and Victor thanks Johann for the "business" talk and allows him to leave.

On April 6, Victor tells Johann he has to go overseas for business. He wants Johann to keep an eye on things in town while he is gone for a week or two. Johann says that Kurt was just exposed and it could look like he is fleeing the country. Victor jokes that he is and then Johann says that Laura, Anna, and Robert suspect them to be involved in the incident in Austria. Victor says that they didn't and the authorities will soon find a much more credible suspect.

On April 7, Victor leaves town after giving Laura an ominous warning about the upcoming stakes. Laura is skeptical and Victor admits he was horribly lonely after going into hiding when the Crichton-Clark Clinic blew up. Nikolas was the only one who knew he was alive. Victor tries to tell Laura about caring for family but she isn't buying it. She tells him his time is running out.

On May 4, it was revealed that Charlotte is in a European boarding school where she can ride horses. Victor was the one to drop her off.

On May 26, Victor returns to town and speaks with Ava who complains about her marriage to Nikolas which may be ending due to his involvement with Esme. Nikolas walks in on them giving cheers with their drinks.

On July 7, it was revealed that Victor is holding Charlotte hostage at the boarding school to get Valentin to do his biding. Valentin can only text Charlotte.

In early April 2023, as part of his unknown scheme to "save" the world and unite his family, Victor kidnaps former flame Liesl Obrecht, and his two great-great nephews Spencer and Ace. He holds them hostage on the Haunted Star, which takes off for the Greenlandic Cassadine Compound.

Trina stowed away on the ship, made herself known to Liesl and Spencer, and was able to do minor sabotage to the Star, including contacting her mother, Laura, and Curtis. When she is found, Victor at first wants her thrown overboard. Spencer fights for her and attempts to bargain. Liesl saves them by convincing Victor she could use them as guinea pigs for her vaccine.

Two days after setting off to sea, the Star reaches its destination. Based off the coordinates Trina gave and the WSB's intel, they landed in Greenland. Laura, Valentin, Drew, and Curtis leave to make the rescue when the WSB claims they have no jurisdiction.

After managing to stop Victor, as well as shutdown the carbonic snow machine, Victor makes a run for it back to the Star, with the antigen and an unwilling Liesl in tow. Holly stops them, in the process reveals to Victor that she's responsible for his chemical castration. Drew shows up and knocks him out, but Liesl is injured as well. After they rouse her, they realize Victor escaped again. Spencer and Trina with Ace were making their way to the seaplane, when they see Victor running to the Star with the antigen. Promising to make it back to her, Spencer takes off after his great-great uncle, intending to stop him.

Spencer KOS Victor 2023

Spencer knocks out Victor - just before the Haunted Star is destroyed (2023)

When Victor reaches the Star, he is furious to discover the antigen container is empty - Liesl reveals to Holly and Drew that she managed to swipe them. One of them is immediately rushed off to save Valentin, who is being comforted by Anna in his final moments. Trina with Ace finds Laura and Curtis, who inform her they got a hold of the WSB, who redirected the drone strike from the island to the Star - and panicked, she reveals Spencer followed Victor onto the Star to stop him, horrifying his grandmother Laura.

Victor Dead 2023

Victor is dead (2023)

Victor is shocked to find Spencer onboard, who promises to stop him - managing to knock him unconscious - unfortunately, the drones reach Greenland airspace, and Laura, Curtis, and Trina watch in horror as they hit their target, destroying the Haunted Star and presumably everyone onboard.

Victors Video Will 2023

Victor on his video will (2023)

On May 30, 2023, Victor's will was read at the Collins Penthouse with Laura, Spencer, Alexis, and Ava in attendance. Sam, Anna and Valentin were invited but did not attend, while Martin Grey stood proxy for Valentin. He bequeathed the following via video recording:

  • To Ava, he left a rendering of her "first true love" - a picture of a gargoyle.
  • To Alexis, he left a Matryoshka doll, dating back to the Romanovs. Inside the doll were smaller versions of itself representing each of her daughters.
  • To Sam, he left a deck of rare tarot cards, so that she might one day use them to be "lucky in love." (These could be the cards used to condition Drew Cain.)
  • To Charlotte, he left a necklace and pendant engraved with the Cassadine family crest, to remind her of who she is and who she will "one day become."
  • To Valentin, whom he called the "rotten apple of my eye," he left "a rare piece of antiquity," the severed middle finger from a statue of the sun god Apollo.
  • To Spencer, he returned the box of two turtle dove figurines and spoke of safeguarding his family; a key was hidden underneath.
  • To Nikolas, the deed to a "home away from home" located in Chechnya. Entrusted to Spencer while his father is MIA.
  • To Anna, the truth exposed from her secrets - it is unknown what truth and based on what secrets, but it led to her very public arrest by the WSB.
  • To Laura, his "worthy adversary," the knowledge that she beat him and can live in peace.

Crimes Committed[]

  • Shot and killed Brighton O'Reilly [Jul 10, 1981; O'Reilly died on Jul 13, 1981]
  • Conspired with his brothers (Mikkos and Tony) to steal the Ice Princess diamond in a plot to control the weather and take over the world [1981]
  • Conspired with Peter Harrell, Sr. and Peter Harrell, Jr. to steal the Aztec jewels [pre-2014; revealed Sep 3, 2014]
  • Ordered his associates to hold Robin Scorpio-Drake at gunpoint [Jan 31, 2014]
  • Manipulated Robin into helping him revive Helena and Stavros Cassadine (Victor promised that if she saved Helena and Stavros, she can save Jason Morgan too) [Jan 31-Mar 4, 2014; succeeded]
  • Threatened to kill Mac Scorpio if Robin told him anything about their plans [Feb 3, 2014]
  • Threatened to let Drew Cain (then known as "Jason Morgan") die if Robin didn't leave Port Charles with him (Victor) [Feb 20, 2014; "Jason" was officially revealed to be Drew on Dec 1, 2017]
  • Held "Jason" captive at the Crichton-Clark Clinic against his own will with the help of Helena Cassadine [Aug 12-Sep 17, 2014; revealed on Sep 12, 2014; Helena's involvement revealed on Sep 17, 2014]
  • Manipulated Rafe Kovich, Jr. into running Patrick Drake and his family off the road by telling him that his mother could still be alive [Apr 23-24, 2014; revealed Aug 7, 2014]
  • Indirectly responsible for the death of Gabriel Santiago [revealed Aug 7, 2014]
  • Threatened to kill Patrick and Emma Drake if Robin didn't cooperate [Aug 7, 2014]
  • Ordered his men to take Robin away after she successfully revived "Jason" [Aug 12, 2014]
  • Held Robin captive in a room and had her arm chained to a rail [Aug 12-Sep 16, 2014; revealed Sep 16, 2014; saved by "Jason"]
  • Either ordered one of his men to throw in the bomb that intoxicated Peter, Jr., Maxie Jones, Lulu Spencer, Dante Falconeri, and the S.W.A.T. cops or did it himself [Sep 2-3, 2014; revealed Sep 3, 2014]
  • Threatened to kill Maxie if Det. Nathan West didn't put down his gun [Sep 3, 2014]
  • Held Nathan at gunpoint and almost killed him [Sep 3, 2014]
  • Held Nathan, Maxie, Dante and Lulu at the Crichton-Clark Clinic against their own will with the help of Helena, Stavros, and Peter, Jr. [Sep 8-17, 2014]
  • Threatened to kill Liesl Obrecht [Sep 8, 2014]
  • Almost shot Liesl [Sep 15, 2014]
  • Activated a bomb inside the Crichton-Clark Clinic with people (including himself) still inside [Sep 16-17, 2014]

  • Helped fake the death of his great-nephew, Nikolas Cassadine after Nikolas got shot by Victor's son, Valentin Cassadine and fell off a balcony [Jul 19, 2016-Jan 3, 2020; revealed on Oct 29, 2021]
  • Ordered two of his men to knock out, kidnap and put Drew Cain in a prison cell on his compound in Crete, Greece after Peter August had Bryce Henderson hijack his plane (Peter also had Hank Archer hire Dallas Kirby fake Drew's death) [Aug 23, 2019; Drew was declared dead in absentia on Oct 9, 2019; Bryce's involvement revealed on Dec 13, 2019; Drew was revealed to be alive and captive on Aug 16-17, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Sep 27, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Drew hostage in the prison cell on his compound [Aug 23, 2019-Oct 18, 2021; revealed on Sep 27, 2021; arrested]
  • Indirectly responsible for Drew having to suffer from numerous brutal beatings for two years [Aug 23, 2019-Oct 18, 2021; beatings revealed on Aug 17, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Sep 27, 2021; arrested]
  • Conspired with Peter to access Drew's second level of conditioning that Peter's father, Cesar Faison installed in Drew's head in order to use Drew for his (Victor's) own purposes [Aug 23, 2019-Oct 18, 2021; Victor and Peter were revealed to be working together on Sep 24, 2021; more details revealed on Oct 5, 2021; Peter betrayed Victor on Oct 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Presumably had Hayden Barnes kidnapped [Nov 27, 2019-present; revealed on Dec 6, 2021]
  • Murdered Paloma Perez, Holly Sutton's sister by forcing Holly to watch him shoot her sister; in retaliation for Holly sneaking a phone call to Robert Scorpio for help [Sep 2020, revealed Nov 21, 2022]
  • Held Holly Sutton hostage in a gilded room and a prison cell on his compound in Crete before moving her to various prisons after paying off Winston Rudge to give her to him [Sep 18, 2020-Oct 19, 2022; revealed Oct 20, 2022; revealed that Victor paid off Rudge on Nov 3, 2022]
  • Had his men kidnap Ethan Lovett and is holding him hostage in order to keep Holly in line [2020-present; revealed Nov 3, 2022; Ethan was revealed to be the hostage on Nov 21, 2022]
  • Held Chloe Jennings hostage in the prison level on his compound and forced her to treat other prisoners after Peter sent her there [May 10-Sep 14, 2021; Chloe was revealed to be in the prison on Aug 24, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Sep 27, 2021; arrested]
  • Either killed Naomi Dreyfus himself or had one of his men kill her [Aug 9, 2021; revealed on Dec 6, 2021]
  • Targeted Laura Collins and her half-brother, Martin Grey [Aug 20, 2021-Jan 4, 2022; revealed on Dec 20, 2021; Victor called off the hit on Jan 4, 2022]
  • Arranged for Scott Baldwin and Liesl Obrecht's plane to be hijacked [Aug 31, 2021; revealed on Sep 2, 2021; arrested]
  • Had Scott drugged and tossed from the plane [Aug 31-Sep 1, 2021; revealed on Sep 2, 2021; arrested]
  • Had Liesl drugged and kidnapped [Aug 31-Sep 1, 2021; revealed on Sep 2, 2021; arrested]
  • Hired the intruder who killed Roger Barstow [Sep 2021; revealed on Dec 6, 2021]
  • Kept Liesl under surveillance for months prior to her abduction [revealed Sep 2, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Liesl hostage in a lavish room on his compound [Sep 2-27, 2021; arrested]
  • Extracted Peter from Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania after Peter jumped off a cliff to escape from the W.S.B. [Sep 21, 2021; revealed on Sep 27, 2021; confirmed on Oct 5, 2021]
  • Had Liesl treat his prisoners in the prison level on his compound [Sep 27-Oct 18, 2021; revealed on Sep 28, 2021; arrested]
  • Had his son, Valentin kidnapped and briefly held him hostage with Drew in his cell on the compound [Sep 28, 2021; revealed on Oct 5, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Valentin hostage in the lavish room on his compound [Oct 5-18, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to have Peter killed by two of his guards after Peter had double-crossed him, activated Drew's conditioning and tried to have Drew eliminate Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane without permission [Oct 15-18, 2021; Peter turned the tables by buying off Victor's guards; arrested]
  • Had corrupt Officer Wright lock Scott in a jail cell and walked out [Nov 15, 2021]
  • Withholding the information that Nikolas had Hayden shot in 2015 [revealed Dec 6, 2021-present]
  • Ordered a woman pretending to be a maid to kill Laura [Dec 6-9, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Dec 20, 2021]
  • Indirectly responsible for Martin being strangled by the woman he hired [Dec 8-9, 2021; revealed on Dec 20, 2021]
  • Had Markovic sabotage Luke Spencer's cable car which crashed and killed Luke [Dec 2021; revealed on Jan 4, 2022; month of death revealed on Mar 15, 2022; Kurt's involvement revealed on Mar 16, 2022]

  • Fought with Scott Baldwin and Sonny Corinthos at Charlie's Pub, causing destruction of property in the process [Jan 21, 2022]
  • Arranged for a package (spike strips) that punctured all four tires of Peter August's prison transport van as Peter was being taken back to Pentonville [Feb 3, 2022]
  • Had a sniper aimed at Peter's chest [Feb 8-9, 2022]
  • Tried to have Peter killed; failed [Feb 8-9, 2022]
  • Held Peter at gunpoint and threatened to kill him if he didn't tell him where his granddaughter, Charlotte Cassadine was being held [Feb 9, 2022]
  • Threatened to kill Peter if Charlotte was harmed in any way [Feb 9, 2022]
  • Targeted Peter [Feb 15-23, 2022]
  • Tried to program Drew Cain with "The Sun" tarot card and saying "You're active" [Feb 17, 2022; failed; Peter gave Victor the wrong card]
  • Ordered Johann Bauer to tell his man within the W.S.B. to have Anna and Det. Dante Falconeri killed if they got in his way when he was going to have Peter killed [Feb 18, 2022; Peter was killed by Felicia Scorpio in defense of her daughter, Maxie Jones on Feb 23, 2022]
  • Helped his great-great nephew, Spencer Cassadine briefly escape from Spring Ridge so he could visit his mother's grave [Mar 4, 2022]
  • Sent Kurt to kill Anna Devane and Felicia Scorpio [Mar 15-16, 2022; Kurt failed and later bit a cyanide pill]
  • Tried to program Drew again by showing him the “Three Of Cups” tarot card and saying “You are active” [Mar 17, 2022; failed; Drew was pretending to be active]
  • Ordered Drew to throw Johann off the footbridge in order to see if Drew was actually active [Mar 17, 2022; Victor later ordered Drew to let Johann go]
  • Threatened Sonny [Mar 30, 2022]
  • Had intel given to the W.S.B. to falsely connect Jennifer Smith to Kurt regarding Luke's death [revealed on Apr 8, 2022]
  • Had Valentin Cassadine frame Jennifer for the theft of The Ice Princess; Jennifer was arrested [Apr 8, 2022]
  • Held Charlotte hostage in a European boarding school to keep Valentin in line [revealed Apr 18-Nov 1, 2022; Victor was revealed to be holding her hostage on Jul 7, 2022]
  • Manipulated, possibly brainwashed his granddaughter into distrusting and possibly acting against Anna Devane [2022-present]
  • Almost had Laura Collins poisoned by Valentin; failed as Valentin spilled Laura's drink [Jul 8, 2022]
  • Stole The Ice Princess from Luke Spencer [revealed Jul 14, 2022]
  • Had a sniper attempt to shoot Laura; failed as Valentin got in the way [Jul 14, 2022]
  • Withheld the information that Ava Cassadine and Esme Prince's fight on the Wyndemere Parapet led to Esme's fall [Aug 16, 2022-May 5, 2023]
  • Arranged for Valentin to be killed by a cable car accident [revealed Oct 18, 2022]
  • Blackmailed Holly Sutton into working for him [Oct 18-Nov 30, 2022; revealed on Nov 3, 2022]
  • Ordered Holly to impersonate Anna and shoot Lucy Coe with a rubber bullet in order to frame Anna for "murder" [Oct 18-19, 2022; revealed on Nov 17, 2022; Lucy was revealed to be alive on Nov 21, 2022]
  • Had his men pull Lucy out of the water and take her hostage [Oct 19, 2022; revealed on Nov 21, 2022]
  • Framed Anna for shooting Lucy [Oct 20, 2022-Apr 10, 2023; Anna was arrested on Oct 24, 2022]
  • Blackmailed his great-nephew, Nikolas Cassadine into divorcing Ava by use of his (Nikolas') false confession to Esme's "death" [Oct 25, 2022-Feb 6, 2023]
  • Threatened to kill Robert Scorpio if Holly didn't follow his order to distract him [Nov 3, 2022]
  • Threatened to have Ethan Lovett killed [Nov 3, 2022; revealed to be Ethan on Nov 21, 2022]
  • Threatened Cyrus Renault [Dec 2, 2022]
  • Threatened Cyrus again [Dec 7, 2023]
  • Grabbed Elizabeth Baldwin by the arm [Mar 13, 2023]
  • Killed Eileen Ashby by throwing her off a bridge to her death [Mar 28, 2023]
  • Had Ambrose kidnap Liesl Obrecht [Apr 6, 2023]
  • Had Esme knocked out and Ace Prince-Cassadine kidnapped [Apr 7, 2023]
  • Kidnapped Spencer [Apr 7, 2023]
  • Stole The Haunted Star and held Spencer, Ace and Liesl hostage onboard [Apr 7-May 5, 2023]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the P.C.P.D. and the W.S.B. [Apr 7-May 5, 2023]
  • Threatened Spencer [Apr 11, 2023]
  • Threatened Spencer again [Apr 12, 2023]
  • Threatened to kill Spencer [Apr 14, 2023]
  • Forced Liesl to inject his son, Valentin with the pathogen [May 2, 2023]
  • Tried to kill Drew [May 4, 2023]
  • Held Laura at gunpoint and threatened to killed her [May 4, 2023]
  • Shot Laura (the bullet only grazed her arm) [May 4, 2023]

  • Health and Vitals[]

    • Believed to have been killed in prison [1981; Victor was revealed to be alive on Jan 31, 2014]
    • Threatened by Patrick Drake if Robin wasn't brought back home to Patrick and Emma safe and sound [Mar 4, 2014]
    • Had his wrist grabbed by Drew Cain (then known as "Jason Morgan") to stop him from closing the pod [Aug 12, 2014]
    • Held at gunpoint and threatened by Det. Nathan West [Sep 12-15, 2014]
    • Shot in the hand by Anna Devane [Sep 15, 2014]
    • Presumed dead after being shot in the chest by Liesl Obrecht and caught in the Crichton-Clark Clinic explosion [Sep 16, 2014; Victor was revealed to be alive on Sep 2, 2021]
    • Had a knife held to his throat and almost killed by Liesl [Sep 24-27, 2021]
    • Taken hostage by his own guards under Peter August's orders [Oct 18, 2021]
    • Held at gunpoint and almost killed (along with his son, Valentin) by Russel under Peter's orders [Oct 18, 2021; saved by Drew]
    • Held at gunpoint and threatened by Det. Dante Falconeri [Oct 18-19, 2021]
    • Threatened to be shot by Dante if he tried anything [Oct 19, 2021]
    • Threatened by Robert Scorpio [Oct 22, 2021]
    • Threatened by Drew [Jan 13, 2022]
    • Ambushed by Scott Baldwin and Sonny Corinthos at Charlie's Pub [Jan 21, 2022]
    • Blackmailed by Peter into providing a safe passage for him and his daughter, Louise Jones, out of Port Charles [Feb 8-9, 2022]
    • Blackmailed by Peter into letting him live in order to keep his (Victor's) granddaughter, Charlotte Cassadine alive and safe [Feb 8-9, 2022]
    • Assaulted and threatened with a needle by Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt [Feb 15, 2022]
    • Had a bug planted on him by Liesl [Feb 15, 2022]
    • Assaulted, pinned against a wall on Pier 55 and threatened to be killed by Drew [Feb 17, 2022]
    • Spied on by his great-niece, Sam McCall, who took a picture of him with his henchman, Johann Bauer [Feb 22, 2022]
    • Threatened by Drew again [Mar 9, 2022]
    • Threatened by Sonny [Mar 30, 2022]
    • Threatened with death by a slit throat by Valentin if he threatened Charlotte again [Jul 7, 2022]
    • Slapped by Holly Sutton [Oct 24, 2022]
    • Threatened by Sonny again [Oct 27, 2022]
    • Threatened to be killed by Holly if he hurt Ethan, who he's holding hostage [Nov 3, 2022]
    • Slapped by Liesl [Nov 30, 2022]
    • Unknowingly chemically castrated by having his drink drugged by Selina [revealed Nov 30, 2022; revealed the drug was working on Mar 9, 2023]
    • Broke a wine glass in his hand [Nov 30, 2022]
    • Threatened by Cyrus Renault if he went after Cyrus' family again [Dec 2, 2022]
    • Attacked and nearly strangled by Liesl, in retaliation for her kidnapping [Apr 7, 2023; shown on Apr 11, 2023]
    • Held at gunpoint and nearly shot by Holly [May 4-5, 2023]
    • Attacked and rendered momentarily unconscious by Drew [May 5, 2023]
    • Rendered unconscious by Spencer, to stop him from releasing a pathogen with an 80% mortality rate [May 5, 2023]
    • Unconscious aboard The Haunted Star when it was destroyed by a W.S.B. ordered drone strike [May 5, 2023]
    • Killed by the W.S.B. drone strike when the Haunted Star was destroyed [May 5, 2023; revealed on May 8, 2023]

    Family tree[]


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    Current Crew
    Elizabeth Korte (Head writer, 2024-present) · Frank Valentini (Executive producer, 2012-present)
    Former Crew
    Patrick Mulcahey (Head writer, 2024) · Dan O'Connor (Head writer, 2019-2024) · Chris Van Etten (Head writer, 2017-2024) · Shelly Altman (Head writer, 2011-2012, 2015-2019) · Ron Carlivati (Head writer, 2012-2015) · Jill Farren Phelps (Executive producer, 2001-2012) · Robert Guza, Jr. (Head writer, 1996, 1997-2000, 2002-2008, 2008-2011) · H. Wesley Kenney (Executive producer, 1987-1989; Head writer, 1988) · Gloria Monty (Executive producer, 1978-1987, 1991-1992; Head writer, 1981) · Jean Passanante (Head writer, 2015-2017) · Wendy Riche (Executive producer, 1992-2001) · Garin Wolf (Head writer, 2008, 2011-2012)
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