Victoria Parker
General Hospital
Portrayed by Terri Garber
Current status Former
Duration 1993
First appearance February 22, 1993
Last appearance July 30, 1993
Cause/reason left town
Gender Female

Victoria Parker was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

She was portrayed by actress Terri Garber from February 22, 1993 to July 30, 1993


Bill Eckert kidnapped Victoria as job and was to deliver her in 1981. She attempted to escape and supposedly "died" when her boat capsized and she drowned. In reality she escaped but lost her eye sight in the accident.


Victoria was first seen in February 1993 in a flashback by Bill Eckert on a flight to Lisbon. The flashback was the first time they saw the painting, Summer in Provence. They would eventually fall in love until she "died".

Bill finally found Victoria in Paris on May 3, 1993. He brought her to the US, to help her get her eyesight back, Holly questioned his motives and thought he was still in love with her even though he denied it. She would regain her eyesight after a successful corneal transplant on June 3, 1993.

Bill and Richard Halfax spent most of the summer of 1993 fighting over her, she came in between Bill and Holly.

She would ultimately decide to leave Bill and leave town on July 30, 1993.

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