Virginia Benson
Lois Nettleton as Virginia Benson
General Hospital
Portrayed by Lois Nettleton (1996-98)
Cynthia Watros (2020)
Duration 1996–98, 2020
First appearance July 5, 1996
Last appearance April 8, 2020
Gender Female
Died February 11, 1998
Cause of death Stroke
Cynthia Watros as Virginia Benson

Virginia Benson was a fictional character on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.

She was portrayed by Lois Nettleton from July 1996 to February 1998.

Cynthia Watros played Virginia in a flashback on April 8, 2020.


In 1995, Virginia lived with her adopted daughter Caroline (Carly) in Jacksonville, Florida. Virginia’s husband Frank had left her before Carly was four years old. Carly tells Virginia that she got a job at the hospital but turned them down because she doesn’t want to spend her life where she grew up. Carly wants to find Frank and get the fourteen years of child payments he owes Virginia. Carly is told to contact a friend of Frank, named Ken Richardson, who might know where Frank is living. Carly finds Frank in an apartment in Miami where she first meets him and her adoptive sister Nelle.


In 1996, Tony Jones catches Carly (Caroline) in a lie about her mother Virginia. Luke Spencer arrives at Carly's mother's door in Florida. Luke asks Virginia about her daughter and tells her about his own daughter Lulu. Virginia admits to him that she does not know where Caroline is. She gives him the last address that she has for her daughter. Luke fills his sister Bobbie in on Caroline being raised by a single mother, named Virginia. Bobbie wants Luke to tell her where she can find Virginia. Later Bobbie also visits Virginia in Florida. When Bobbie is back in Port Charles, she tells Luke that she saw Virginia and asks Luke to find Caroline again. Bobbie’s husband Stefan Cassadine finds out that Carly is her daughter and wants to know about Virginia. Carly places a call to a surprised Virginia. Luke later learns that Virginia got another call from Caroline. He traces the call and learns that she called from Port Charles. Luke goes back to Florida and tells Virginia that Caroline called from Port Charles. Virginia finds a picture of Caroline in a yearbook and shows it to Luke who discovers that Carly is Caroline.

In 1998, Carly tells Bobbie about her past and Virginia, who is now in Port Charles, introduces her daughter Carly to Bobbie. Bobbie realizes that Carly was telling the truth and accuses Carly of sending for Virginia. As Virginia is confused by this, Carly admits she came to Port Charles two years ago to find Bobbie. Virginia shames Carly for trying to destroy Bobbie’s life and then Virginia is shocked to find out from Tony Jones, Bobbie’s ex-husband, that Virginia has a grandson Michael. Carly and Virginia move to a private table and Carly tells Virginia how great her life is now and that Virginia will like the baby’s father Jason. Carly promises that there will be no more lies now that the truth is out. Virginia can’t believe it will be that easy to forgive Carly after two years. She wants to know if Carly will take any responsibility for her actions. Tony walks up and tells Virginia about Michael’s heart defect, how Carly abandoned him in the ICU for almost a month with Jason who most people consider a criminal. Tony calls Carly a tramp and Carly explains to Virginia that this is the man she took away from Bobbie. She treated Tony and Bobbie bad but they did the same to her. Carly wants Virginia to take her side since Carly’s adoptive father Frank Benson walked out on Virginia. She blamed Carly for him leaving and everything else bad that happened in her life. Carly can’t believe that Virginia will take the word of two strangers over her daughter. Virginia says that she doesn’t like Tony but she does like Bobbie. Carly yells at Virginia to just go and starts to threatening Tony with Jason. Virginia collapses and is taken to General Hospital. By the time Carly gets there, she is told that Virginia had a stroke back in Florida and wasn’t keeping up on her medicine. She just had a second stroke and died soon after.

Health & Vitals

  • Had a stroke [pre-1998]
  • Died after a second stroke [1998]

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