Volonino's Gym
Volonino's Gym
Volonino's Gym
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Gym
Source(s) General Hospital
Notable people Sonny Corinthos (current owner)
Address 152 Broadway

Port Charles, New York

Volonino's Gym is a gym and boxing ring that caters to boxers and fighters in the Port Charles area. It has a reputation for only catering to the most serious of fighters. The gym is frequented by mobsters Sonny Corinthos and Max and Milo Giambetti.


The gym was first used by Damian Spinelli. After he joined an online dating service, he wanted to bulk up; so he and Jason Morgan went to Volonino's so that Jason could teach him how to box. According to Sonny's daughter Kristina, Sonny boxes at Volonino's every morning. This was shown when Sonny sparred with Trey Mitchell at Volonino's because he wanted a chance to get to know the young man who is dating Kristina. In December 2012, Sonny bought Volonino's and is still running it to this day.

Soon after buying the gym, Sonny sparred with A.J. Quartermaine over A.J.'s desire to become involved in Michael's life. Robert Frank and Julian Jerome had a match at Volonino's over a date with Carly Corinthos. Sonny also spent time at the gym with his nephew, Spencer Cassadine and taught him how to spar. Dante Falconeri later goes to Volonino's to work out and blow off some steam after having another fight with his wife, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri where Sonny counsels Dante on his relationship with Lulu and encourages him not to give up.


  • Jason teaches Spinelli how to box (2012)
  • Sonny and Trey spar (2012)
  • Sonny fights A.J. (2012)
  • Sonny teaches Spencer how to spar (2013)
  • Julian and Franco fight over Carly (2013)
  • Sonny counsels Dante (2013)
  • Nathan and Spinelli prepare to spar (2015)
  • Sonny coaches Spinelli (2015)
  • Sonny and "Jason" (2015)
  • Curtis trains Hayden (2016)
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