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WLPC is the call sign for the local television station in the city of Port Charles.


Sam McCall being interviewed by reporter (Ted Casablanca) on WLPC (2007)

Citizens of Port Charles tuned into the television station WLPC in the 80s and 90s to keep up to date on current events.

On August 12, 1986, Derek Barrington announced on the news that he is leaving town with Lorena and moving to Omaha. Tiffany Hill would be taking over as reporter as she once owned WLPC.

In 1988, Colton Shore was witnessed rescuing Sean Donely with almost super-human strength when a crate fell on him on the docks and became a hero and sensation. Tiffany reached out to him and gave Colton his own talk show called ‘The Colton Connection’.

In 1990, Shep Casey first appeared on a WLPC news broadcast the same night that his lookalike, Casey Rogers returned to Lumina. Anna Devane did a double take when she saw him on TV.

Decker Moss was wanted for the murder of Wendy Masters. He left town with Dawn Winthrop and the police were looking for him. Felicia Scorpio helped out Shep by copying some of Wendy’s medical records. Shep talks about the case on the air and Frisco Jones is angry at Felicia when he finds out.

Shep later had a one night stand with Cheryl Stansbury upon her return to Port Charles. They saw each other off and on. One night he came to visit her and found a lot of presents for Robert Scorpio. He knew she didn't like him so he called Tiffany to quit at WLPC and left Port Charles.