Wiley Cooper-Jones
General Hospital
Portrayed by Unknown twins
First appearance July 25, 2018
Last appearance July 26, 2018
Cause/reason Died
Created by Shelly Altman
Chris Van Etten
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Alias(es) Jonah Corinthos
(switched at birth)
Gender Male
Born July 29, 2018[1]
Mercy Grace Hospital
Died July 29, 2018[2]
Cooper-Jones Apartment
Port Charles, New York
Age About 24 hours[3]
Cause of death SIDS

Wiley Cooper-Jones was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He was the biological son of the late, Hank Archer aka Shiloh and Willow Tait. He was the adoptive son of Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones.



Lucas and Brad Adopting.

In 2017, Brad and Lucas decide to adopt a baby.

All through 2018, the couple await the birth of their child.

Willow Tait and Hank Archer son Wiley is the second baby that died during a baby switch the first was Victor Lord, Jr. and Tea Delgado son Victor Lord III in June of 2012 on General Hospital.


Wiley birth parents Willow and Hank aka Shiloh.

He the late son of cult leader Hank Archer and school teacher Willow Tait as result of Hank manipulating Willow into an affair during her cult days.



Newborn Wiley.

Wiley Cooper-Jones was born at Mercy Grace Hospital July 25(July 29,2018 as shown on birth certificate) and was transported to Port Charles General Hospital by Alexis Davis And was given to his adopted parents Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones but unfortunately Lucas had to preform a surgery that day and couldn’t see newborn Wiley so Brad was there to name him with Alexis and Julian there to see it and even took pictures of Wiley but unfortunately Brad took the newborn Wiley home and put him in his crib and sadly he wasn’t breathing in his crib Brad was with a baby bottle in his hand witness it all and start preforming baby/infant CPR but unfortunately Wiley dies 24 hours later of SIDS.


Nelle and Brad switches the babies.

He was then switched with the very much alive son of Michael Corinthos and Nelle Benson by Nelle herself.


Wiley “Jonah” Funeral.

Wiley's funeral was held at a church on August 21, 2018, although everyone still believes him to be Jonah Corinthos.


Wiley godparents Michael and Sam.

On December 17, Carly and Sonny host a naming ceremony for "Wiley" where Sam and Michael are named as his godparents.

On December 21, Willow Tait is revealed to be his mother, and that Julian convinced her to give up her son to Brad and Lucas. Willow has no idea that her son died.


Wiley parents fighting.

On March 2019, Willow is revealed to have been a member of Dawn of Day, a cult. On March 25, Dawn of Day cult leader Hank Archer, aka Shiloh is revealed to be Wiley's father who died in September 2019 Hank as Shiloh has no idea his son Wiley died Before his death.


Willow learns her son Wiley died of SIDS.

February 21, 2020, Willow learns from her boyfriend Chase that her son Wiley died of SIDS. Chase tells Willow about how Nelle and Brad were responsible for the baby switch while she is treated for a head injury caused by Nelle during her attempt to kidnap her own son Jonah.

Health and Vitals

  • Born at Mercy Grace Hospital [Jul 29, 2018; revealed on Feb 21, 2020]
  • Weighed 8lb 3oz at birth [Jul 29, 2018]
  • Transported by Alexis Davis to General Hospital to his adoptive parents Brad and Lucas [on July 29,2018; revealed Feb 21,2020]
  • Stopped breathing in his crib [Jul 29, 2018; shown on Jul 25, 2018]
  • Died of SIDS [Jul 29, 2018; shown on Jul 26, 2018]
  • Switched with very much alive Jonah Corinthos by adoptive father Brad Cooper and Jonah's mother Nelle Benson [Jul 29, 2018; shown on Jul 26, 2018]
  • Buried as "Baby Jonah Michael Corinthos" [Aug 21, 2018]
  • Buried beside Morgan Corinthos and Lila McCall [Revealed on Feb 25,2020]

Photo gallery

  • Wiley and daddy Brad
  • Wiley dies of SIDS
  • Dead Wiley in a basket
  • Cops find Nelle with a dead baby
  • Nelle tells Michael that "their" son is dead
  • Michael gives the baby to Elizabeth
  • Wiley's casket
  • Funeral
  • Newly dug gravesite
  • Wiley's parents Willow and Hank
  • Chase tells Willow about the baby switch.
  • Chase helps Willow grieve her son Wiley.
  • Willow grieves her son Wiley.
  • Willow learns her son died from SIDS.
  • Willow learns Nelle and Brad are responsible for the switch.
  • Willow visited her son Wiley grave.
  • Willow crying over her son Wiley.
  • Willow Laying over her son Wiley grave where Morgan and Lila Buried.
  • Liz comforts Willow Over grief.


  1. Stated by Harmony on July 26, 2019
  2. It was stated by Nelle on July 26, 2019 that Jonah was born on the 29th and Brad found Nelle on the side of the road shortly after Wiley died and Jonah was born
  3. On July 26, 2018, he was brought to Port Charles and it was stated that he was born the night before. He died on the episode that aired July 31, 2018; however, it was the evening of the same day that he was first brought to Port Charles, making him only about 24 hours old when he died.
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