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World Security Bureau is an organization known by the acronym “W.S.B.”. Its rival is the D.V.X..

Their motto:
"aperi oculos tuos"
"Open your eyes."


The W.S.B. retains at least three facilities for its use. One in Ithaca, one in Geneva, and a mentioned estate in Wales[1] that treated Anna.

All agents are trained to follow criteria[2]:

  1. Objectively assess the situation
  2. Identify weakness
  3. Seize the initiative

The W.S.B. fundamentals of spying[3]:

  1. Flatter your mark, get them on your side - everyone responds well to a compliment
  2. Get the mark to do you a favor - they will see it as bonding and a favor now owed
  3. Slowly turn the conversation - to the point you're investigating, continuing the flattery
  4. Tee the mark up - to bring them around to agree with you
  5. Catch them in a lie - to find the truth


Anna Devane, Sean Donely, Frisco Jones, and Robert Scorpio, The "A" Team (1985-1991)

In the 70s, Sean Donely was the head of the W.S.B..

1981 - The Ice Princess

In 1981, Robert tracked down the Ice Princess, a statue/diamond with a secret formula on its base that as Robert warned "could cause cataclysmic global problems" if not recovered. On the trail of this huge uncut diamond, W.S.B. agent O'Reilly, an elderly woman, was killed in a shoot out on the docks.

Robert was helped by Luke and Laura as all three stowed away aboard a yacht to a tropical island that was the base of mad scientist Mikkos Cassadine who wanted exploit the power of the Ice Princess formula to be "Supreme Commander of the World."

The "Ice Princess" diamond

Mikkos fell to his death in freezing chamber of a machine designed to freeze the world. With the help of Luke, cracked the machine's code (I-C-E-P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S), disaster was averted and democracy was restored to the planet.

1985 - The Prometheus Disk

In-home W.S.B. computer (1985)

In 1985, legendary agent Robert Scorpio met with his former partner and ex-lover, Connie Townley, who came to town on a top-secret mission. After flirting, and checking up on each other with Robert's hidden agency computer, Connie then brought him in on the case - #0733-475629. The W.S.B. is tracking down enemy agents working in Boston, LA, Topeka, and Port Charles. The agency is aware the foreign agents are all connected, but doesn't know their goal.

Robert's first lead is found by his new wife Holly Sutton, when she meets Dr. Madelyn Stromberg, a researcher friend of Dr. Gail Baldwin, who is working on vitamin B deficiency and nervous conditions treatment through the Menninger Institute.

Anna Devane was formerly a spy with the D.V.X. and then with the W.S.B.. In the 70s, Anna was married to Robert and while they are now divorced, in 1977 they had a daughter named Robin. Robert didn't know that Robin existed until she was seven years old.

At one point she was brainwashed, with "Can you hear the waters whispering?" as her trigger phrase.

After a romance with David Hayward and the death of their daughter Leora, Anna moves to London and again joins the W.S.B. as an agent. After visits in 2006, 2007, and 2008 Anna permanently returned to Port Charles in 2012 after her daughter Robin's "death". It was later revealed that Robin was still alive and in November 2013, Anna and Robin are reunited.

For a time, Dr. Victor Cassadine was the head of the W.S.B..

As of 2014, Frisco Jones is the new head of W.S.B., replacing the thought-dead Victor.

As of 2016, Anna is the head of the East Coast branch of the U.S. Division of the W.S.B..

W.S.B. evidence badge

In 2017, Anna recalled that while she was training in the W.S.B. Training Academy in becoming a field agent she met and befriended Valentin Cassadine who at that time was known as Ivan Theodore. She saw him as the best and brightest trainee in the academy even more so than herself. On February 13, it was revealed by an old classmate of Valentin from his time in the W.S.B. Training Academy, that Anna had put him on the W.S.B. Kill List. On March 28, Valentin revealed to a forgetful Anna that they had a one night stand before she presumably betrayed him. On May 12th, it was revealed that Dr. Alex Devane had been impersonating her twin Anna, and she was the one who had seduced Valentin and put him on the kill list when they were at the training academy.

On June 28, 2018, Dante Falconeri joined the W.S.B. on a mission to find Raj Patel and take him down. He was able to infiltrate the Turkish organization, but was also brainwashed before his father Sonny Corinthos tracked him down and brought him home in March 2019.

On March 28, 2019, Dante spoke with Anna about it and his P.T.S.D., and she shared with him her own brainwashing experience as a WSB agent. He left town that night to protect his loved ones and get the help he needed. He is triggered by the double-click of an automatic pen, then he states the phrase is "I will complete the mission."

On July 15, 2019, Frisco allowed his daughter Maxie Jones and her boyfriend Peter August access to the Ithaca W.S.B. Facility where Dante was being held. When Maxie heard that Dante refused to see them, she pushed her way into his room. Dante quickly grabbed an agent's gun and shot Peter August in the shoulder.

On April 10, 2020, while on contract with the W.S.B., Holly Sutton was supposedly killed when she drowned as the boat she was on sank.

On August 3, 2020, it was revealed that Dante was moved and is currently being held in a W.S.B. Facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

On September 28, Dante accepts a mission to go back home to Port Charles and secretly investigate Peter August, find out whether he is truly rehabilitated or still doing nefarious deeds. it is revealed that Dr. Liesl Obrecht is behind this mission in order to clear her name, as she is working within the W.S.B..

Annie Donely's official W.S.B. badge - with her late father Sean's ID number

On May 21, 2021, during her father Sean Donely's memorial service, Annie Donely, who had trained and tested to become an agent, passes a final test arranged by her father's spy friends, officially taking his badge number (#2661) as a WSB agent.

Other Agents

  • Mel Andrews
  • Karl Browning
  • Jean Gaungle
  • Kurt Maxwell
  • Jim Remick
  • Thomas Rush (deceased)
  • Clay Thomas (deceased)
  • Randall Tucker (deceased)
  • Beeman
  • Dave
  • Evans
  • Hastings
  • Hawkins
  • Jacobs
  • Jenks
  • Ketchum
  • Krieger (deceased)
  • McIntyre
  • Muller
  • Paulsen
  • Serge
  • Teasdale
  • Vick

Former Head

  • Gil


  1. While Anna and Dante are discussing brainwashing and needed psychological help, she tells him about a W.S.B. estate in Wales
  2. Rules listed by Valentin and Anna as given by the W.S.B. while they discuss catching D.V.X. agent Alex.
  3. rules listed by Robert to Olivia on how to get a confession

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