Wyatt Hoover
General Hospital
Portrayed by Patrick Gibbons Jr.
Duration 2018-19
First appearance July 3, 2018
Last appearance September 17, 2019
Gender Male

Wyatt Hoover was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He was portrayed by actor Patrick J. Gibbons from July 3, 2018 until September 17, 2019.

Character Portrayal History

The role of Wyatt was originated on July 3, 2018, by Patrick J. Gibbons.

It was announced on August 13, 2019 that Gibbons would return as Wyatt. He returned for two episodes on September 10 and 17.


On July 3, 2018, Wyatt was with his boy scout group the Raging Raccoons, when ran into a cabin, which had Peter August inside. Peter asks for help. Wyatt says he needs to tell someone so he leaves without his bugle.

He returns and gets his bugle back but Liesl comes in. So he hurries up and hides under the bed. He crawls out, steals Liesl's notebook and takes it to Franco and Finn.

On September 10, 2019, Wyatt bumps into Peter at the hospital and tells him his mom wants him to get a tonsillectomy done and he was scared. Peter had a heart-to-heart with Wyatt and told him that he needed him to be as brave as he was when he helped save him from the cabin last year, plus he wouldn't be sick as much and he can enjoy a lot of free ice cream afterward. Wyatt agreed to do tbe tonsillectomy.

On September 17, Wyatt was in the open corridor of the hospital after surgery eating ice cream and he met Willow Tait. Finn told Willow that Wyatt was a hero and told him about how he helped save Peter last year. Wyatt said he wasn't a hero and that he tried to help another kid and he thought he messed up because he didn't have the right words. He also mentioned he wanted the kid to feel as calm as he did when he played the cello. Willow consoled him by saying that she used to play when she was a kid and said she wished he could have been there to help. Willow had Wyatt's mom bring the cello to the hospital and they had a mini-concert in the hospital.

Health and Vitals

  • Almost caught by Liesl, as he tries to untie Peter [Jul 3, 2018]
  • Had a tonsillectomy surgery done to remove his tonsils [Sep 2019]
  • Sore throat from tonsillectomy [Sep 17, 2019]
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