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The Wyndemere Stables are a fictional location on Spoon Island in the fictional city Port Charles, New York.


On January 8, 2014, Carly is kidnapped by Heather and taken to the Quartermaine Boathouse. Like tries to rescue Carly before Heather’s two henchmen knock out Luke. Heather takes Carly to the stables at Wyndemere after killing the stablehand so no one interrupts them. Cameron, Spencer, and Emma are nearby and hear Carly calling for help.

The kids talk to Heather in the stables who hid Carly in a basket in another room with the horses. Heather says that she was the one who called for help as there was a Chupacabra nearby. Cameron and Spencer were fighting for Emma’s love. Heather convinces Emma that she shouldn’t be fought over and the kids leave.

Later Heather has Carly in a sack as Spencer and Cameron come in. Heather says she caught the Chupacabra and tries to convince the boys to stab Carly with a "special Chupacabra-killing knife" but they are scared and run off.

Carly gets free and fights with Heather who finds a secret passage to the Catacombs inside the stables and takes Carly there.

On January 19, 2018, Faison returned and knocked Obrecht out in an alleyway. He then locked her in the tack room at the stables and tied her to a pillar, taunting her about what he plans to do to their son Nathan, who was revealed to be Faison's son with Obrecht two weeks ago. Later, he went back to check on Obrecht and saw Lulu trying to save her, so he took her phone away and trapped her as well before leaving again.

Obrecht passed out while Lulu found a sign that Spencer made which said "Beware the Chupacabra" and she knew the secret entrance to the tunnels was nearby. Dante and Sonny went to the stables and Dante kicked open the locked door to the tack room which was empty. He and Sonny went to Wyndemere and Nina let him in as she and Valentin had just gotten back to town. he

Lulu had found the secret entrance in the stables and Valentin opened the secret passageway with a button under the fireplace at Wyndemere. Dante found Lulu and Liesl inside the tunnel.