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Wyndham's Department Store was a popular store in Port Charles, New York. It was named after Walter 'Walt' Wyndham.


On August 6, 1980, Luke and Laura hide in Wyndham's storage closet and then dance throughout the store to the song Fascination by Percy Faith. They stay in the store all night long.

In 2001, Luke is drugged by Helena and thinks he is hiding in the storage closet with Laura again.

In 2015, T.J. Ashford was accused of using a stolen credit card at Wyndham's by a racist security guard. He assaulted the guard, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. Sonny had the charges dropped because he paid off the guard.

Wyndham's is occasionally mentioned when other characters shop there.

In October 2021, Gladys Corbin charged several pairs of expensive boots from Wyndham's to Brook Lynn Quartermaine's Deception expense account without permission, as part of a scheme to blackmail her upon learning that Valentin Cassadine isn't "Bailey Quartermaine"'s father.

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GH LAURA LUKE DANCE AT WYNDHAM's General Hospital Genie Francis Anthony Geary Preview Promo 9-2-16

Luke and Laura dance through Wyndham's (1980)