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Xtreme Motors
Brando Corbin and Molly Lansing-Davis at Xtreme Motors (2020)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Garage
Notable people Sonny Corthinthos (Owner)
Brando Corbin (Mechanic)
Johnny Zacchara
Julian Jerome
(former co-owners)
Drew Cain (former mechanic)
Address 4278 7th Avenue
Port Charles, New York

Xtreme Motors is known as a local car repair shop in Port Charles, New York.


Sonny Corinthos with Johnny Zacchara and his mother Claudia Zacchara-Corinthos at the garage

Xtreme Motors was once abandoned, then bought by Johnny Zacchara in 2009. Olivia Quartermaine would assist him on car repairs while they were in a relationship together.

In 2015, Julian Jerome was part owner of the garage. Drew Cain (as Jake Doe) briefly worked at the shop while he was undercover for Police Commissioner Kyle Sloane inside the Jerome organization. Hayden Barnes goes to Xtreme Motors to find Jake and Sam McCall there but before she can say anything she is shot in the head presumably by Shawn Butler, who was sent by Sonny Corinthos to kill Jake. While Sam attends to her, Hayden tells Sam that she isn't the only one who knows who Jake is. It is later revealed that Nikolas Cassadine sent an anonymous hit man as well and it was him who shot Hayden. When she gets to the hospital she tries to tell Jake who he is but has a seizure and is left in a coma.

In 2020, Sonny gives Brando Corbin a job as a car mechanic at the garage. His first customer is Harmony Miller and the next one is Molly Lansing-Davis, whom he then had a one night stand with. Cyrus Renault stops by to talk to Brando and Jason Morgan needs repairs on his motorcycle.