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The Zacchara mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital first headed by Anthony Zacchara, and currently by his grandson Johnny Zacchara. They are a rival of the Corinthos-Morgan mob family and later the Jerome mob family.


Anthony first brought his mob business to Port Charles in 2007 and started an instant rivalry with Sonny Corinthos. Anthony's "son" (later revealed to actually be his grandson) came to town shortly after. Anthony's daughter (later revealed to be Johnny's mother) came to town in 2008.

Sonny kidnapped Johnny and held him locked up in a room for some time. In retaliation, Claudia put a hit out on Sonny. She hired Dr. Ian Devlin to do the job, but he missed and hit Sonny's young son Michael instead. Michael slipped into a coma and then Anthony decided to forge a truce between his organization and Sonny's. The deal was for Sonny to marry Claudia to connect the two families. The two were married and Sonny had no idea she had been the one responsible for his son's shooting. A year later, Michael came out of his coma and the truth was eventually revealed. Claudia, knowing Sonny was going to have her killed, managed to kidnap a pregnant Carly to escape at gunpoint. Just as Claudia delivered Carly's daughter Josslyn and planned to take her for herself, Michael found them and accidentally killed Claudia with an axe.

In 2010, Sonny's seventeen-year-old daughter Kristina wanted to get back at her father, so she convinced Johnny to pretend to date her, knowing it would infuriate her father. Johnny reluctantly went along with it, and when Sonny found out that they were "dating," and Johnny lead Sonny to believe they were sleeping together, he wanted Johnny dead even more. Sonny had a bomb planted in Johnny's car, but what he didn't expect was for Kristina to be with him when it went off. Kristina and Johnny both survived, but it caused an even bigger rift between them.

In 2012, Sonny blew Johnny's world apart when he revealed to him that Claudia was his mother, not his sister as he had been told his entire life. Anthony had pimped out Claudia to his business associate, fellow mob boss Gino Soleito, when she was a young teenager, and Claudia got pregnant. Johnny became furious with Anthony after learning this, and eventually shot him multiple times, killing him. Johnny then framed Anthony's wife, Tracy and her ex-husband, Luke Spencer for the murder. In early 2013 Johnny was sentenced to 20 years in Pentonville for the murders of Cole, Hope and Anthony.

In 2014, Sonny goes to Pentonville for murdering A.J. Quartermaine and Johnny kidnaps Sonny's brother, Ric. He reveals to Sonny that he wants to create the Port Charles Mob Alliance by taking over his and Julian Jerome's territories. Sonny needs to hand over his territory to Johnny or else Ric will be killed by Johnny's associate, Carlos Rivera. Ric is later saved from Carlos by Shawn Butler and Jordan Ashford. In 2015, Johnny tricked the police into thinking that there was not enough evidence to convict him for Anthony's murder, so he is released from Pentonville. Carlos had Julian falsely confess to Anthony's murder or else he had to kill him. Luke agrees to be Johnny's boss and sends him to kill Julian. Johnny orders his thugs to kill Julian, but this fails when Sonny and Julian kill two of them and the others are dragged out of the cell by security. Later, he reunites with Lulu and Maxie and starts to bond with them, which angers former Zacchara mob soldier Dante Falconeri and Det. Nathan West. When Sonny, Julian, Ava, and Franco escape from Pentonville, Luke sends Johnny and Carlos to take them all out. The two manage to injure them in a car accident. When the four wake up, Johnny and Carlos engage Sonny and Julian into a shootout while Ava and Franco escape through the back. Johnny shoots Julian in the leg and prepares to shoot Sonny, but Julian shoots Johnny in the shoulder. Meanwhile, Carlos shoots Ava in the shoulder and knocks her off a bridge before escaping with a wounded Johnny. The two later go to Sabrina Santiago's apartment where Sabrina treats Johnny for his gunshot wound. When Nathan and the police arrive, Johnny escapes through the window as Nathan catches and arrests Carlos. Johnny later goes to Maxie's apartment where she hands her car over to him. Johnny uses Maxie's car to flee town.

Johnny later returned to PC in 2016 and was eventually caught by the PCPD and thus sent to prison again.


  • Olivia Falconeri - Former friend and ex-lover of Johnny
  • Lulu Spencer - Former friend and ex-lover of Johnny
  • Carly Corinthos - Former friend and ex-lover of Johnny
  • Lisa Niles (deceased) - Ex-lover of Johnny and former friend of Anthony
  • Ric Lansing - Ex-lover of Claudia
  • Luke Spencer - Johnny's boss from 2014-15

  • Ethan Lovett - former mob lieutenant
  • Dante Falconeri - former mob soldier (actually undercover for the NYPD)
  • Ian Devlin (deceased) - former assassin
  • Logan Hayes (deceased) - former bodyguard for Anthony
  • Ric Lansing - former attorney
  • Trevor Lansing (deceased) - former attorney
  • Skye Chandler-Quartermaine - fed Anthony information on Tracy
  • Delores Padilla - former insider for the PCPD
  • Steve Webber - Helped Johnny Zacchara sell organs on the black market after Johnny blackmailed him
  • Carlos Rivera - part of Johnny's plot to form the Port Charles Mob Alliance

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